Wednesday 28 January 2015

28 days of Blocks

Block 25 - English Rose (Patchsmith applique design)
I have been having fun with my Block-a-Day and I've introduced the first applique block into the collection - shown above. 
Block 23 - Basket 1 (Carol Doak)
Block 24 - Night and Day Log Cabin (Patchsmith)
Block 26 - Framed Tree (Carol Doak)
Block 28 - Pencils (although Carol Doak calls them 'crayons')
And I have created my first mistake block as I miscalculated the reduction of a Tumbling Blocks square.  I'm sure there will be more mistakes throughout the year and who knows, I may even invent a new block by accident!
Block 27 - Oh No! (this mistake design is all mine)
My organised mind is thinking of ways to bring some sort of order to this year-long project so all blocks for the month of February with be based around the theme of LOVE.  Expect lots of lovely hearts.

Be sure to check back next month as I hope to include a tutorial on making a scrappy patchwork block ..... or two!  In the meantime you can find all the blocks made on my Block-a-Day Pinterest board or over at the Flickr group.


  1. I love your blocks! They are so adorable! Make yourself a quilt!! And I think your Oh No block reminds me of a confused zig zag!

  2. Beautiful Log Cabin there and Christmas tree blocks, can't wait to see how it all develops!

  3. Hi Amanda! More beautiful blocks.... can't wait to see how you put them all together at the end of the year! :) x

    1. I think I might have to put some of them together before then otherwise how will I choose between 365 blocks?

  4. They are all charming! Can't wait to see all the kinds of hearts next month!

    1. Everybody loves hearts and as you know, I am partial to a gingham heart.

  5. Well done Amanda. Another bunch of pretty blocks!