Tuesday 12 April 2022

Ten Years as The Patchsmith

Early Bird Mug Rug 

It is ten years since I first became the Patchsmith.  Ten years since I first encountered a mug rug.   Up until that point I wasn’t really sure what a mug rug was – they are still relatively unknown here in England where we tend to use coasters.  I loved the fact that mug rugs are bigger than a coaster and therefore, they have enough room for both a cuppa and a piece of cake – afternoon tea should always include cake! 

Enough room for Tea and Cake

Since those early days, my love of mug rugs has never waned.  I love designing them, making them, the versatility and frugality of them.  I just love everything about them.

So many mug rugs - so much fun.

To celebrate The Patchsmith’s 10 year anniversary I have designed a new pattern, the Early Bird Mug Rug, which is based on my very first mug rug sketch from my 2012 journal.  

A sweet little Early Bird.

It is a great little pattern that allows you to use up those small scraps of fabric to create a functional and fun mug rug to gift or to keep.  

You can add hand-stitching if you wish .....

Early Bird Stitching Detail (optional)

or one or two (very) little baby birds 

An Early Bluebird version

or you can make it up in your favourite holiday fabrics

A Christmas Early Bird 

Whatever fabrics you choose, this pattern is sure to be one that you will return to time and time again. 

As an extra special bonus this pattern will be set at a reduced price for the rest of this month.


Until next time .......