Monday 28 January 2019

Patchsmith Sampler Block 47 - Counterpane

Block 47 - Counterpane
I would rate this week’s Patchsmith Sampler sew-along block as a block for the intermediate patcher.  The block isn’t difficult in itself but the pieces are small. Having said that though, if you are a beginner then give it a go – just remember the number one tip for Block 47 ‘Counterpane’ 

For the beginner press towards the darker fabric throughout although it doesn't really matter whether you press towards the lighter or darker fabric just so long as you are consistent throughout the block.  

With Block 47 I finger pressed whilst constructing the block and once the block was complete I gave it a good press.  This gave me a bit of wiggle room when matching seams.
Just two fabrics is all that is needed for Block 47

Regardless I would urge you not to worry if your seams do not match exactly.  The most important thing when sewing sampler blocks is to have fun doing so.   And, just so you know that I too have trouble matching my seams sometimes, here is Day 61 from my 2015 BAD (Block-a-Day) challenge where my seams are not ‘perfect’ but I love the finished block. 
My Block-a-Day (BAD) 2015 block for Day 61 - not perfect but pretty enough

And here is another BAD 2015 block where the seams do not meet exactly in the center. 
Another BAD 2015 block where the center seams are not exact.

So try to enjoy the journey - after all there are just three more blocks to go in this sew-along.  In the meantime I look forward to seeing any blocks you make from the book over on Instagram (just tag "@thepatchsmith" or the block number and name #block47counterpane).  This applies anytime - not just during this sew-along.

Until next week when we will put a Valentine spin on Block 48 .......

Monday 21 January 2019

Patchsmith Sampler Block 46 - Simple Home

Block 46 - Simple Home

The Christmas decorations are packed away and our homes are restored to a simpler version.  So it is with this week’s Patchsmith Sampler block – Block 46 ‘Simple Home’.

There is nothing difficult with this block – it is a simple patchwork house.  Fussy cut the window if you like or add a night-time background.  Regardless this is one house you will have done and dusted in no time at all.

I look forward to seeing your version over on Instagram (#block46simplehome) or in the Flickr group.
Block 47 - Counterpane
Next week when we will be adding a Counterpane block to our quilt.  Until then......

Sunday 20 January 2019

Farmers Wife 1920s Blocks 31 and 32

Block 31 - Evening Star

Block 31 - Evening Star
An alternative Block 31 - just in case!
Thank goodness Block 31 ‘Evening Star’ turned up when it did as I was ill with the flu.  I had patched a couple of ‘star’ blocks from my One Block Mug Rugs Book previously so it was a simple case of choosing which one would become a Farmer’s Wife Block. I chose turquoise over red!

Turn ANY 6" block into a fun mug rug

Block 32 - Farmer's Daughter
Block 32 - Farmer's Daughter
This block was paper-pieced by me at the beginning of December but I put the sections together incorrectly so it needed redoing.  I really enjoyed a couple of hours spent in the sewing room this week, making this block.  My journal notes state simply “remade in blue – turned out beautifully”.  And so it did. 

I think I am up-to-date with all the Farmer’s Wife 1920 blocks.  You can see the ones I’ve made so far on my Farmer's Wife 1920 Pinterest Board.  Until next time ........ 

Monday 14 January 2019

Patchsmith Sampler Block 45 - St Louis Star

Block 45 - St. Louis Star

This week’s Patchsmith Sampler block is a traditional block dating back to the 1930s.  It requires some careful matching of points but this is easily achieved by following the pressing instructions in the block pattern.

And, as a bonus, you can stitch this block together in a slightly different order to create a St. Louis Cross. 
St. Louis Cross is a rejig of Block 46 - St Louis Star

To make a St Louis Cross follow the pattern but at Step 3 place a marked (E) background square onto the top left-hand corner as shown (make four):

And at Step 4 place a marked (E) background square onto the top right-hand corner as shown (make four):

Then, at Step 5 of the pattern stitch the units together as shown to create four St Louis Cross 'points' sections.  Complete the block pattern. 
An extra block - what a bonus!  I look forward to seeing any blocks you make over on Instagram (#block45stlouisstar) or in the Flickr group.  We are nearing the end of our journey together.  I am still waiting for my quilt to come back from the longarm quilter but it shouldn't be much longer.

Until next week ......