Friday, 15 March 2019

Farmer's Wife 1920s Blocks 46 and 47

Block 46 - Hill & Valley
Block 46 - Hill & Valley
Block 46 was a lovely block to paper-piece.  It is created from two idential halves.  It turned out perfectly to size and so pretty.

Block 47 - Homemaker
Block 46 - Homemaker
Inset seams are always tricky - more so if foundation paper-piecing.  English paper-piecing really is brilliant in this regard but as I am paper-piecing I tackled the four inset seams with gusto.  They are not perfect but they are more than good enough for me.  Notes read "Very tricky with the inset seams - second attempt worked well!".

That is another two blocks "done and dusted" as we say in England! Until next time ....

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Farmer's Wife 1920s Blocks 43, 44 and 45

Block 43 - Garden Path
Block 43 - Garden Path
I paper-pieced this block but even so the "block turned out a little crooked".  So I have renamed it 'Crooked Garden Path.

Block 44 - Gentleman's Fancy
Block 44 - Gentleman's Fancy
"Lovely, lovely block.  At first I thought I had used too many checks but the finished block would disagree".  

Block 45 - Grape Basket
Block 45 - Grape Basket a.k.a. Cherry Basket
I turned grapes into ..... cherries through the use of some pretty fabric.  Paper-pieced and patched.   I changed the basket slightly as I patched it rather than paper-pieced that section.

That is three more blocks in the Gnomeangle sew-along and I am bang up-to-date.  YAY,  You can see all my blocks on my Farmer's Wife 1920s Pinterest board.  Until next time .....