Tuesday 2 August 2022

Whales and Flying Geese

Sometimes it just takes a little addition to turn a mug rug into a slightly bigger mini quilt.  Here I have  added a rainbow of flying geese to the Whales mug rug pattern from my Animal and Pets pattern book.

The Whales Mug Rug pattern is also available from Etsy.

But these aren't just any flying geese - these are 3D Flying Geese which are super easy and super quick to make.

A rainbow of flying geese.

The 3D flying geese block requires only one seam and because of this, it is really easy to match up the geese without sewing off the point.  There is a very good You Tube tutorial  
showing how to make them but here is a basic run-through of the process for those who prefer a paper copy (click HERE for a PDF print out): 

(makes one goose measuring 2½” x 1½” raw/2” x 1” sewn in)

Cut one goose rectangle measuring 2½” x 1½”.
Cut two background squares measuring 1½”. 
Fold the goose rectangle in half with wrong sides together.  Finger press (do not press with an iron). 

You will now layer the goose between the two background squares as follows:

Lay one background square right side facing up.  Lay the folded goose rectangle on top with the raw edges lined up with the top of the background square as shown. 

Note the folded goose block is slightly shorter than the background square so you should have ¼” excess background square showing at the bottom. 
Next place the other background square on top of the goose, right side facing down so that it overlaps the bottom background square completely. 
In effect, you have a goose sandwich!

You stitch the unit together down one side of the sandwich as shown. 
Open up the sandwich so that the goose lies evenly on the front of the two background squares and press. 
Hey presto – one flying goose (measuring 2½” x 1½”). 

You can batch make a whole gaggle of flying geese using this method and when you come to stitch them together you will be able to see clearly where the tip of the goose is so there is no risk of losing your points!

So there you have it.  You can make the geese any size you like – fat, thin, long, short.  Play around and have fun.  But here are some measurements to get you started:
Goose            Cutting Sizes

2” x 1”             Cut one 2½” x 1½” goose and two 1½” background squares

4” x 2”             Cut one 4½” x 2½” goose and two 2½” background squares

5” x 2½”          Cut one 5½” x 3” goose and two 3” background squares 

6” x 3”             Cut one 6½” x 3½” goose and two 3½” background squares

Try it out and turn a little bit of fabric fun into a row of your own flying geese.  Or do as I have done and  add a row to any mug rug pattern of your choosing.  

Until next time .....