Monday 18 May 2020

The Patchsmith's Rainbow Mug Rug

The Patchsmith's Rainbow Mug Rug

In these uncertain times, here in England the sign of hope and thankfulness is a rainbow.  So I thought it might be fun to share some hope with you in the form of my Rainbow Mug Rug pattern.

This is an easy pattern made up of a little bit of patchwork and a little bit of quick-fuse applique.  You can find lots of information and guidance on quick-fuse applique and so much more in the ‘Mug Rug Basics’ tab above.  

And to add a bit of sunshine I thought I would share this pattern and some hints-and tips as well.   First you need the pattern ......

Then you will need to choose some fabric scraps - the rainbow section can be made from left-over binding scraps or charm squares.  Make it as pretty or plain as you like.
Choosing fabrics is so much fun.  

Once you have stitched the strips together to create the ‘rainbow’ section of the mug rug you can add the sky rectangle.  

Then you are ready to add a little bit of sunshine.  Trace the sun shapes onto the smooth side of a square of fusible webbing.  
It doesn't matter if you position the sky section on the left or right of the rainbow patch.  The sun applique works for both.

Next fuse the tracing onto the WRONG side of your sun fabric. 
As you can see from the photo above I have fused an additional square of muslin to the back of my sun fabric to ensure the bright turquoise background doesn’t show through.

I always peel back a corner of the fusible webbing tracing before I cut the shapes out.  This helps when peeling the backing paper away from the individual shapes.

Once the shapes are fused and cut you are ready to place them onto the sky section of the mug rug.  
Can you see the turned back corner - it makes peeling paper so easy.

Line up the straight edges of the sun with the straight edges of the mug rug before placing your three sun rays.  When placing the sun rays you need to leave enough space for binding so make sure the rays are approximately ½” from the edge of the mug rug.  Once you are happy with their placement fuse them in place.

You can stitch the shapes in place by hand or machine .

And to finish just quilt and bind your little Rainbow Mug Rug - the details are in the pattern (you will find printable instructions on binding methods HERE). 

And there you have it - a little mug rug to give to a care worker, child or friend.  Just remember to observe some rules when sending small fabric gifts through the post.

So what are you waiting for?  Join with me and share a little sunshine.  And if you like this pattern then you are sure to like the Quilt As You Go Flip & Quilt mug rug pattern too.

Flip And Quilt (QAYG) Mug Rug Pattern

Until next time ....