Monday 27 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 26 - Cactus

Block 25 - Cactus

We are over half-way through the Patchsmith Sampler Blocks sew-along and we are marking it with a versatile little block – the Cactus block.

Block 26 is another good blender block - blender blocks add cohesion to any quilt project as they pull the blocks together through the use of fabric scraps used elsewhere in the quilt.

You can make the block using just one colourway in true spirit of a Cactus in which case cut all B to H strips from green fabrics:
A prickly single colour Cactus Block

Or you can add a little flower because some Cactii bloom.  In this case cut pieces B, C and one D piece from a floral fabric.  (If you only want  a bud on your cactus cut just B and C from floral fabric and the remaining D to H pieces from green fabrics - as the diagrams in the book show.)
Block 26 in flower!

But it doesn’t have to stop there. This block was created with a traditional Pineapple patchwork block in mind and so you why not transform the Cactus into a Pineapple block.  (Cut pieces B to E and one fabric F strip from yellow fabric; cut the remaining F strip and the G strip from green fabric.)
Block 26 - Pineapple Version

Whichever version you make you will find it easier if you lay your strips out onto your worktable prior to stitching and lay your marked A squares on top of the strips as shown in the pattern.

I hope you have fun with this block - I am thinking I might make an Artichoke version in purples.  Until then I would love to see you versions over on Instagram (#block26cactus) or in the Flickr group.

Until next time .......

Friday 24 August 2018

Farmer's Wife 1920 Quilt - Blocks 1 & 2

I am sewing along with Gnomeangel in the Farmer's Wife 1920s sew-along.  It is the first Farmer's Wife book which you can buy from Amazon.
The Farmer's Wife 1920s Quilt Book

I shall be foundation paper-piecing most of the blocks using templates provided by the Yahoo group 'The Farmer's Wife Sampler'.   (It would appear that the templates are no longer available from this group.)   I shall also patch some of the really easy blocks (see Block 2 below).

I shall share my experiences with you each week together with any hints and tips that might be relevant.  So let us begin with this week's two blocks.

Block 1 - Attic Windows.
Block 1 - Attic Window

This is a very easy block to paper-piece.  (I think it should be called 'Attic Window' and not 'Windows' as there is only one window!  The original 'Attic Windows' block from the 1920s contained four of these windows.)

Block 2 - Autumn Tints.
Block 2 - Autumn Tints

Also know historically as Carmen's Block.  This block was an easy one to patch. The book uses four different fabrics but I think three is quite enough.  And, as you can see it is more Summer Tints than Autumn.

When pressing I often press seams open AND to the side within the same block.  It helps the block lay flat.
Back of Block 2 - Autumn Tints

Be sure to check out all information and prizes Gnomeangel has organised for this sew-along. And seriously consider joining in - you will hone your skills and meet lots of lovely people along the way.   

I have started a Farmer's Wife 1920s Pinterest page where I will post each block and link them through to the blog posting for that block.  

So how about it - are you up for creating a life full of fabric, fun and friends?  I do hope so.  Until next time .....

Monday 20 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 25 - Night and Day

Block 25 - Night and Day

When using scraps to make a block we can often be a little more flippant about wastage.  So it is with this week’s Patchsmith Sampler block where we save time by cutting all the ‘logs’ to the same length (6½”) and trimming them to size after they have been sewn into place.

You begin with a 2” square and add the logs in a clockwise direction trimming each log once you have stitched it to the center square.
Round 1 complete and block measures 3½” square

Add another round of logs working in a clockwise direction.
Round 2 complete and block measures 5” square

And as surely as night follows day you will have quickly completed Block 25 - Night and Day with the third and final round.
Add round 3 to create a 6½” Night and Day block.

All that is left is to share a photo of your completed blocks over on Instagram (#block25nightandday) or in the Flickr group.

Until next time .......

Monday 13 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 24 - Patchwork Heart

Block 24 - Patchwork Heart

This week’s block will capture your heart – it is Block 24 ‘Patchwork Heart’.  Not only does it nest a heart within a heart but it indulges every quilter’s passion for using up every last scrap of fabric.
Scraps glorious scraps!

I created the block using a single-fabric heart in the middle but you could patch this heart by cutting an extra four A pieces and stitching them together into two columns of two.
Scraps coming together.

What I particularly love about using scraps in this way is that it really doesn’t matter if your seams don’t match because of the scrappiness of the block – great if you are short of time or you can’t find your glasses!
Almost there.

Wouldn't this make a great addition to a Valentine project?
Block 24 complete.

Next week we will be using more scraps (rectangles instead of squares) as we make the Night and Day log cabin block. 
Rectangle scraps for Block 25

Until then I look forward to seeing your versions of the Patchwork Heart (#block24patchworkheart) over on Instagram or in the Flickr Group.  Just tag me (@thepatchsmith).

Monday 6 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 23 - Stained Glass Cross

Block 23 - Stained Glass Cross

This week’s block in the Patchsmith Sampler sew-along is a little bit of heave – Block 23 ‘Stained Glass Cross'.   All that is needed is a little bit of reflection on quick corners which we first met when making the Watermelon block back in week 3.
Quick corners for Block 3

To create a Stained Glass Cross you will need to lay quick corners upon quick corners – which is quite simple to do and clearly explained in the book. If you choose your fabrics from within the same colour spectrum you will be sure to create a very pretty Stained Glass Cross.
Choose fabric from the same colour group

However, you can create a 'Snowflake' version of this block by cutting your fabrics for pieces A, D and E from the same fabric and cutting pieces B from background fabric (there is no need for piece C). 
Block 23 - Snowflake version!

So another relatively simple block this week and one that I hope to see over on Instagram (#block23stainedglasscross) and in the Flickr Group.

Next week it is back to using up some scraps as we make a Patchwork Heart.  
Block 24 - Patchwork Heart
Until then .....