Patchsmith Sampler Blocks

On this page you will find every block from The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks book. 

Click on a block photo below to go through to the blog post for that block where you will find hints and tips for making the block. 

You can purchase The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks in paperback format via Amazon.  

Please note the following pattern corrections (all diagrams are correct):  

Block 36 'Moonlit Star' paragraph 9 and paragraph 9a should both read "With right sides together place a marked (J) square ...."  

Block 37 - 'Elephant' - Paragraph 14 - make a mark 1" in from the top right-hand corner of the (S) background rectangle down to the bottom right-hand corner as shown in the diagram.    And paragraph 16 should read "Stitch the (R) background rectangle to the right-hand side of the unit created at step 15 ...."  as shown in the diagram.

(If you purchased the PDF version of The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks pattern book via Craftsy you can find help and advice about printing the patterns HEREIf you purchased the PDF version prior to 25th June 2018 be sure to download the latest version from your Craftsy pattern library.)

Block 2 - Guiding Star

Block 3 - Watermelon

Block 4 - Chain Block

Block 5 - Paths around the Square

Block 6 - Ladybird

Block 7 - Butterfly Garden

Block 8 - Field Rose

Block 9 - Bullseye

Block 10 - Boxed In

Block 11 - Buttons and Spools

Block 12 - Schoolhouse

Block 13 - Slice and Dice

Block 14 - Friendship Block

Block 15 - Cornerstones

Block 16 - Jigsaw

Block 17 - London Roads

Block 18 - Fruit Bowl

Block 19 - Everyway

Block 20 - Orange Pumpkin

Block 43 - Chain Link

Block 44 - Autumn Daisy

Block 45 - St Louis Star

Block 46 - Simple Home

Block 47 - Counterpane

Block 48 - Love Focus

Block 49 - Tea-time

Block 50 - Yacht

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  1. Are the blocks all
    Patch work or paper piecing as I find paper piecing fiddley ‘ I love all the pattens in the book but woks out a lot more money when converted to Australian dollars plus’s postage