Monday 14 January 2019

Patchsmith Sampler Block 45 - St Louis Star

Block 45 - St. Louis Star

This week’s Patchsmith Sampler block is a traditional block dating back to the 1930s.  It requires some careful matching of points but this is easily achieved by following the pressing instructions in the block pattern.

And, as a bonus, you can stitch this block together in a slightly different order to create a St. Louis Cross. 
St. Louis Cross is a rejig of Block 46 - St Louis Star

To make a St Louis Cross follow the pattern but at Step 3 place a marked (E) background square onto the top left-hand corner as shown (make four):

And at Step 4 place a marked (E) background square onto the top right-hand corner as shown (make four):

Then, at Step 5 of the pattern stitch the units together as shown to create four St Louis Cross 'points' sections.  Complete the block pattern. 
An extra block - what a bonus!  I look forward to seeing any blocks you make over on Instagram (#block45stlouisstar) or in the Flickr group.  We are nearing the end of our journey together.  I am still waiting for my quilt to come back from the longarm quilter but it shouldn't be much longer.

Until next week ......

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