Saturday 27 June 2015

Stacked Hexagon Hanging Hoop

I have completed my second project from Amy Sinibaldi’s wonderful book “SweetlyStitched Handmades”.  I chose to make the English paper pieced 'Stacked Hexagon Mug Rug'.

But it morphed into a Hanging Hoop tidy for the sewing room.  
A 12" embroidery hoop keeps everything neat and tidy
Two projects into the Sweetly Stitched SAL on Instagram and I am loving this book even more.  

And I know exactly what I shall make next time .......

Tuesday 23 June 2015

A BAD Rail Fence Mini Quilt

My BAD block 172 is actually four little 2¾” rail fence blocks joined together to make a 5" patch.  

BAD Block 172 

Jill, over at Apple Avenue Quilts is posting a mini quilt pattern each month for the rest of the year.  The 'rail fence' paper-pieced block and mini quilt are the free pattern for June.   

In keeping with my BAD (block-a-day) aims I used only scraps of fabric for this little quiltie. Can't think of a nicer way to use up those thin scrappy strips can you?

Friday 19 June 2015

Last Minute Father's Day Mug Rug

Need a quick gift for Father’s Day?  I have just the thing - all you need is an hour or two, two charm squares, some background fabric and my Mug Rug Alphabet pattern ......
To save even more time you can layer your background, batting and backing and then applique your letters through all three layers thus quilting your mug rug at the same time as stitching them in place. 

to all DAD’s everywhere

Saturday 13 June 2015

On The Spot Machine Mat and Pincushion

On the Spot Sewing Machine Mat with Pincushion
As soon as the first images of the On the Spot Trivet from Amy Sinibaldi’s ‘SweetlyStitched Handmades’ started to appear on Instagram and Blogland I knew I would have to make one. 
However, I also knew that, if I made something so pretty I would not want to risk scorching it or staining it by using it as a trivet.  So, I set about making a new mat for my sewing machine instead whilst staying true to the book.
Scrappy Spots
 I followed Amy’s excellent pattern and instructions but changed the size of the mat to fit my sewing machine with a little extra on the side.  
A Spot of Colour on the Sewing Table
Why the extra?  I wanted to incorporate a pincushion into the design.
A little pinnie to store the sharps as I take them out of my sewing
Instead of twelve spots I increased the number to twenty-one and set about attaching all the dots except one.  The final dot would serve as the base of the pincushion.

To make the pincushion I stitched two 3" circles of fabric together before carefully cutting a slit in one of them.  I turned the circles right-side out through the slit and then stuffed it with off-cuts of batting until it was nice and firm.  After wrapping six strands of thread around the pincushion to segment it, I attached a button to the center top and the final spot to the center bottom.  Using the final spot in this way made it so much easier to attach the pincushion onto the mat.
Stitching the final dot (with pincushion attached)
So there you have it - the prettiest handmade sewing machine mat EVER - don't you agree?

If you fancying slowing down and stitching something handmade then I can recommend this book - it is full of cute projects.  You might also like to check out the #SweetlyStitchedSAL which is happening right now on Instagram. 
Until next time.....

Thursday 11 June 2015

Lighthouse Mug Rug

Lighthouse Mug Rug 
I had the pleasure of providing a mug rug pattern for the premium version of the Australian Online Quilt Magazine this month.  So I turned to an old favourite of mine - the lighthouse.  

This mug rug goes really well with my Beach Huts pattern - both add a touch of seaside fun to any table and look particularly good together on the garden picnic table.
Beach Huts Mug Rug
The Lighthouse mug rug pattern and Beach Huts mug rug pattern can both be found in The Patchsmith's Pattern Store.

Until next time........

Monday 1 June 2015

Across the Pond for a Book Carry Cover

It is coming up to that time of the year when many of us will be out-and-about, travelling hither and thither, locally and globally.  So Across this Pond this month is all about those must-have on-the-go items that no traveller can do without.  

For me no journey is complete without a book to read or a journal to write in so I am recommending a book carryall as my Across the Pond SAL make for this month’s out-and-about theme.  

I used the bible-cover-tutorial by Amy's over at Park City Girl as the basis for my carryall with a few Patchsmith tweaks. 
Amy's Creative Side - Bible Cover
First up I added a little touch of scrapilicious patchwork and hand stitching.

Then I changed the handles as I wanted them to be a bit wider and have a contrast trim to match the lining (check out this tutorial by Delia Creates for a book carryall with similar handles). 
Patchsmith Handles (1.5" wide with fusible batting incorporated)
I also added an elastic loop and button closure rather than a tie closure for ease-of-use. And finally, I included a ribbon bookmark from my Country Heart free bookmark pattern.
It doesn't matter which way you flip it - this bookmark is reversible.
I quilted the cover which made it a very snug fit for my Emily Dickinson book of poems.  
Every journey starts with a good book.
But I liked the finished carryall so much that I decided a journal carryall was in order - one which would hold a standard A5 journal.  More patchwork and a little touch of Patchsmith applique and this is the result .......

The butterfly applique is from my Butterfly Patch mug rug pattern – doesn’t it look pretty sat atop those 1½” scrappy patchwork squares?  
Flown over from my Butterfly Patch mug rug pattern
I followed the same steps as before but this time I added – a pocket on the inside back flap to hold a couple of pens. 

But can you spot the obvious mistake? Yes, the handles are round the wrong way – thankfully the contrast trim co-ordinates with the butterfly so I am henceforth calling it a ‘design feature’ ;-)
Have journal - will travel.
But if reading/journalling isn’t your thing you should pop over to Susie’s Sunroom for some more travel essentials (that girl is one seriously talented pouch/purse maker).

And don’t forget to stop by the Across the Pond SAL Flickr group share your must-have travel accessories with us.

Sew until next time .......