Wednesday 16 February 2022

Creating book titles from fabric selvages

Once you start looking you will find so many great titles    

In these uncertain times saving money is something we can all do and that is where mug rug making comes into its own.  You can update your table or create a gift with little more than scraps of fabric left over from other projects.

And one pattern I particularly like is my Tea and Books Mug Rug pattern.  It uses every last scrap of fabric – right down to the printed selvage edges that are normally thrown away.  The pattern is available individually HERE and it is reduced for the rest of this month.  Alternatively, you can find it in my Hobby & Fun Mug Rug pattern book available in PDF from Etsy or in paperback via Amazon.

Here is how this lovely little pattern goes together …..

I started out with this selection but things change....

You start with some scraps - the pattern tells you exactly how big these need to be.  Don't take too long - you can always change your mind as you put the mug rug together.

I changed the book fabrics to be more book-like!

Once you have your mug rug background patched you can then start playing around with the applique.  For me this is the fun bit.

One of many selections of 'book titles'
The book titles are created using the printed selvage edge of fabric.  Once you start looking you will see lots of interesting names that will work well here.

A Christmas Selection of Titles'

To create the book titles, trace the ‘title’ rectangles from the pattern, onto fusible webbing.  Cut out roughly leaving 1/8”-1/4” all around

'Fuse the webbing rectangle over the part of the selvage you want as the book title.

Next decide which parts of the selvage you want for your title.  Here I want “Bee in my Bonnet”, so I fused the rectangle onto the back of the printed selvage edge, ensuring that the main part of the rectangle covers the bit of the print that I want.  I then trimmed along the top and bottom of the selvage, turned the selvage over so that the print is facing up and finished trimming the ends to create the exact book title I wanted. 

Trim the print but cutting the ends to create the exact title you want.

Here are the finished four book titles all trimmed and ready to fuse into place:

Here are my finished four titles.

You then need to decide which title will go on which book. 

Titles are allocated to their respective book spines.

Peel the paper from the fusible webbing and fuse in place but remember, when fusing the book on the left-hand side, you need to allow for binding so you should leave ½” between the title and the edge of the mug rug as shown below.

Once fused you can stitch the titles in place using any stitch you like.  I used a machine blanket stitch as my machine has such a neat one.

Bookshelf section of the Tea and Books mug rug

Bookshelf done – time to move onto the mug.  Follow the pattern and you can’t go wrong.  One tip – I add the steam spirals and teabag cord prior to quilting so I mark my mug rug using a Frixion pen and simply stitch over the markings.  When done, a warm iron will get rid of the marks totally.

Marking steam with an erasable marker prior to embroidery

 And, as they say, from there is it nearly all over.  

Subtle steam!

Quilt and bind your mug rug as detailed in the pattern. 

Scrappilicious Tea and Books Mug Rug

These would make great gifts for teachers or book-club readers.  Until next time ……. 

Note:  This post was first published in August 2020.