Friday 21 October 2022

Ghostly Coaster

Ghostly Coaster

Life is busy - I get it.  Even a mug rug just isn't possible - no problem.  But a coaster which can be stitched on the machine and finished by hand - eerily possible.  And here is how using The Patchsmith's Ghostly Duo mug rug pattern (also available in the Halloween & Thanksgiving pattern book) .......

1.   First - choose your fabric (the hardest part of any task for me!).  For each Ghostly coaster you will need:
                   One 6" square
                   Two 3½" x 6" rectangles
                   One 6" square of lightweight batting/wadding
                   One 6" square of fusible webbing
                   Fabric for your ghost 
                  Ghostly Duo mug rug pattern 

(Tip:  I cut my ghosts from an old white linen table cloth as it is a bit thicker than quilting fabric and I know it will wash well.  Felt also works well as it stops the background showing through.)

2.  Fold under 1/4" along the 6” edge of one of the rectangles of fabric as shown and press.

3.  Applique a ghost onto the center of the 6” fabric square following the instructions in the pattern.  Place lightweight batting behind the appliqued square and quilt around the ghost. 
4.  Next lay the two backing rectangles right sides facing upwards, so that the rectangle with the folded edge overlaps the other rectangle slightly, creating a 6” square (the folded edge should lie on top).

5.  Place the appliqu├ęd ghost square on top – right side facing downwards.  Pin to secure.
You should be able to see the quilted line quite easily.  

6.  Now stitch all the way around the ghost, approximately ½” outside of the quilted line.  Accuracy is not essential and smooth corners will work better than pointy ones. 

7.  Once you have stitched all the way around - trim all layers approximately ¼” from the outline stitching.  Take care not to snip any stitches.

8.  Turning out is simple because of the overlapping back.  

(I run my Clover Turner all along the inside of the seam to ensure it is fully turned out.) 
Pink Ghostly Coaster
9.  Give the ghoulish coaster a good pressing and slip-stitch the envelope back closed. 

Easy?  You bet.  So much so you could whip up a whole gang of ghoulish ghosts for your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren and ... oh yes, yourself.  This method would also work well for other shapes.
Perfect for those Halloween cocktails
And if you would prefer a book of Halloween mug rug patterns you will find a paperback version on Amazon or a PDF version in my Etsy store

Halloween & Thanksgiving Mug Rug Booklet

Until next time ..... enjoy the Halloween fun and games and keep safe.

Monday 10 October 2022

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