Saturday 22 December 2012

Christmas Mug Rugs 2012

Three Kings Mug Rug

Well it is here - Christmas is upon us with all the joy, wrapping, baking, sharing, laughing and fun that it brings.

I have just had one unexpected gift so far this year but I was ready as I always keep a few Mistletoe mug rugs wrapped up underneath the tree so I was able to reciprocate immediately (from my Christmas Mug Rug pattern book).  

Even a small coaster using part of a pattern makes a lovely gift.
(Here I have used the Mistletoe mug rug pattern.))

Normally I would be rushing around (well if the traffic would let me rush) frantically thinking, spending, queuing for a reciprocating gift - but not this year.   This year I am economizing using whatever fabric I have to hand to make personal gifts for friends and family.
I tailor the gift to the recipient.
Here I have made the Music mug rug from my Hobby and

I tailor the mug rug or gift to the recipient - it makes the hand-made token even more special and is always greatly appreciated.  The Music mug rug above is for a friend who is a keen piano player. (You can find this pattern in my Hobby & Fun mug rug book - also available from Amazon.)

So, if you still need a couple of last minute gifts, pop over to my Etsy shop, download a pattern and create something seasonal using whatever scraps you have to hand  They are quick and easy to put together and what is more, you might find yourself unwinding from the hustle-and-bustle of the season with the whir of the sewing machine and the rhythm of the stitches.