Thursday 27 August 2015

Lighthouse Mug Rug

As promised, my Lighthouse Mug Rug pattern is now available in my Craftsy store.

Quick and easy to put together this mug rug will provide a safe harbour for your coffee cup.

And like all Patchsmith patterns – it is just $1.99 (about £1.30 in English pennies).

Thursday 20 August 2015

Patchwork Cow Mug Rug and Daisy Cow Blocks

Patchsmith's Patchwork Cow Mug Rug
I’ve been joining in the Farm Girl Vintage sew-along over on Instagram.  It is great fun and is based on Lori Holt’s wonderful Farm Girl Vintage book.

It was this sew-along which gave me the idea for my latest pattern – the Patchwork Cow Mug Rug and Block pattern.   You see, to date we have had a Butter Churn block ....
Farm Girl Vintage Butter Churn Block

.....and a Milking Day block ......
Farm Girl Vintage Milking Day Block

but no cow block.  So I created one ....

– in both 6” and 12” sizes.  I then turned the 6” block into a mug rug which will look so good with my Farm Girl Vintage sampler quilt when I finish it.
Both blocks are included with the mug rug pattern.

Since then Lori Holt has told me she is going to bring out a Milking Cow block later this year to go with all the other Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  I just know I will like her block as well and can’t wait to make it. 

Until next time .......

Thursday 13 August 2015

Patchwork Corners Mug Rug

Everybody needs at least one patchwork mug rug pattern in their library.  And, if you pick the right patchwork pattern - then one pattern might be all you need.  

A versatile patchwork mug rug pattern should be good for all year-round use – a design that you can personalize for special days and special people.

It should be quick and easy for tired times when you need a last minute gift ....

Fussy cut the centre square and add a simple sidebar

 .... and it should allow you to fussy cut for seasonal goodness or to use a scrap of your favourite fabric.

or use a favourite fabric and patch the sidebar
Can one mug rug mini-quilt pattern do all that?  

'Pretty in Pink'
It can if it is the Patchwork Corners Mug Rug pattern - two simple mug rug designs in one $1.99 pattern.  

p.s.  The Patchwork Corner block is good for other quilty projects that call for a 6" block ..... 

Thursday 6 August 2015

Christmas Nativity One Hour Basket

Need more storage in the workroom?  Or a quick gift for a new baby - or Christmas?  Then look no further than this month’s Across the Pond sew-along project – the ‘one hour basket’ from Hearts and Bees.

Can it really be made in an hour?  Yes - but that doesn’t include time for choosing fabric (always the longest part of any project) or appliqueing, patching or quilting.  
My Red Elephants Mug Rug gets a new lease of life not to mention a change of colour

I had already made a one hour 'elephant' basket last month using my Red Elephants Mug Rug applique to decorate it – perfect for the nursery.

This month I decided to create a Christmas basket using my very latest ChristmasNativity mug rug pattern. 
It will be perfect for the local Christmas Box collection where we fill a box or basket with goodies for families who are struggling. 

If you want to add applique to the one hour basket I would recommend that you leave at least 4” between the bottom edge and sides of the fabric and your applique.  On the Elephant basket I added an inch of matchstick quilting 4” up from the bottom edge and this worked out perfectly - it lies along the bottom of the basket.
Matchstick quilting positioned perfectly for heart-spouting elephants.

Of course you might prefer to add a touch of patchwork.  I added three 3” patchwork Friendship Stars to the back of my Christmas basket.  This time I positioned the stars 5¼” up from the bottom edge (cut your bottom piece of fabric 5½” x 16½” and then add your stars).  

If you are new to basket making this is a great project to have a go at.  But before you get stitching pop over to Susie's Sunroom - she has made two very snazzy baskets (I love how she has added a rim of contrasting fabric to the top).  

Until next time ........