Saturday 20 April 2019

Flip and Quilt Mug Rug Tutorial (QAYG)

Flip and Quilt Mug Rug

Do you need a gift in a hurry?  Or perhaps you only have an hour to spare.  Then look no further than my quilt-as-you-go Flip and Quilt Mug Rug pattern.  Let me show you just how quick and easy it is to create the perfect place for your cup and cookie.

Firstly you will need the pattern as it has all the measurements together with easy-to-follow diagrams and some additional stencils that can provide a little more detail.  It is only $2.50 and available from Etsy or my Pattern Store.
The pattern comes with star and heart stencils for an added touch.

Then you will need to pick fabrics and batting.  If time is short just select a Fat Eighth bundle or Fat Quarter selection - you know the fabrics will work well together.  
I used 'Sweet Orchard' collection by Riley Blake

Once those two things are done it is a case of following the steps detailed in the pattern - starting with laying your first strip right-side facing up, approximately ½" up from the bottom edge of the batting rectangle.  
Position the first strip right side facing UP

Lay the second strip, right sides together, on top of the first strip.  
Position the second strip right side facing DOWN

Pin in place before stitching along the top edge.  Press the second strip up towards the top of the batting.  (If you are using polyester batting do not press with a hot iron - finger press instead.)
Pin in place to stop the strips moving whilst stitching.
Tip:  If you are new to patchwork and unsure about the straightness of your seams you can mark the seam allowance onto the wrong side of the strips before placing and stitching them.
Press open.

Cool eh?  Quilting as you go saves so much time.  Once pressed, line up the next strip with the top edge of your quilted patch. 

Pin and stitch along the top edge as before. Press open.
Try to keep your seams straight.

Keep adding the strips until all six are neatly stitched onto the batting.  

Trim the patched rectangle so that the edges are straight. 
I always cut my quilted rectangle longer than needed.

Now it is time to slice your patch into the three quilted sections needed for the Flip and Quilt mug rug.

Turn the middle section upside down and add the two contrasting strips to either side of this section.
Turn the middle section upside down to add interest.

Press the seams towards the contrast strips.  
I used a bamboo batting which can be iron pressed.

Finally add the three sections together to create your quilted mug rug top.  
All ready for backing and binding.

To finish the mug rug, follow the pattern to add backing and binding.  You can find binding details HERE.
One hour later and voila! 
One hour in the sewing room and I have a very pretty mug rug for my Easter table which just leaves me time to wish you all


p.s. The Flip and Quilt Mug Rug pattern is available from ETSY or my PATTERN STORE.

Thursday 4 April 2019

Aces High Mug Rug

Aces High mug rug pattern

I'm learning how to play Bridge.  I go to classes every week and the course is TWO YEARS long!   It is a complicated game but half way through the lesson we make time for a cuppa.  So it seems only fitting that I should have somewhere to rest my cup whilst sorting through my cards.   
A pretty Aces High mini quilt to gift

I gathered some scraps and spent a couple of hours designing and making two sets of 'Aces High' mug rugs.  The pattern includes the traditional Friendship block (as shown above) and a simpler Four Friends block (see below) when time is short and I need a gift in a hurry.  

The simpler Four Friends version of the Aces High mug rug

I think the red, white and blue set would make a great Father's Day gift; Dad could keep one at home and another at work.  

And if you know somebody who is addicted to Bridge (as I am becoming) then how about making a set - one to keep and one to gift to your Bridge partner.  

The Aces High Mug Rug pattern is just $2.50.