Saturday 23 February 2013

Mother's Day Mug Rugs

Here in England not only is spring around the corner but so is Mother's Day. It falls on 10th March this year in Britain - only a couple of weeks away. So I thought I would extol the virtues of a mug rug as a Mother's Day gift and it just so happens that I know a couple of designs that are quick and easy to put together with scraps of fabric you have to hand. 

Firstly I would point out the endless possibilities with The Mom/Mum mug rug pattern. You can make this pattern from scraps of unused binding or odds-and-ends in your rag bag and it will still look good. The applique is cut from quick patched units which you can make up in your mother's favourite colours. 

Alternatively, you could give your mother some flowers that will last on her table all year long:
Flower Sidebar Mug Rug from One Block Mug Rugs pattern book

Or how about tea and cake that won't add calories (or cost for that matter). This is the perfect addition to a pack of speciality tea and biscuits (plus it is a great little pattern to have in your library).
I know Mother’s Day isn’t until later in the USA, Spain, Mexico, European and Middle Eastern countries. But using one of these quick and easy patterns will mean you have a gift well before time – taking the stress out of last minute purchases.  
There you have it - Mother's Day all sewn up!   Sew until next time .....

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Heart Pot Holder

courtesy of A Spoondful of Sugar
Check out this lovely little pattern from A Spoonful of Sugar. It is in keeping with our hearts theme for the February Across the Pond Sew Along group.

Our Amy (Amy Made That) has made this wonderful heart cushion and she is sharing a free tutorial showing how to hide a zipper on the reverse.
What heart patterns have you come up with? Let me know via a comment below or post them in the Flickr group and share the love.

Saturday 9 February 2013

Snow Days and Spring Days

Valentine Coasters (a free pattern)

How are you getting on with your valentine projects?  You still have time to stitch up a little beauty.  How about a Valentine Hearts mug rug?
If you are all up to date then how about making a spring mug rug to remind you that the snow, wind and rain won’t last for ever.  Such as my free 'Rainbow' mug rug pattern - it is sure to brighten your day:
Rainbow Mug Rug Pattern

If you prefer to look more at the countryside and less to the heavens then look no further than English Rose mug rug pattern.  Floral meets patchwork in this cute little mug rug. 
English Rose Mug Rug Pattern

So there you have – things to do whilst you snuggle up indoors on these cold, damp days.  I think it is time for a little patchwork after all this applique.   Mmmmmm, incoming idea “time to invent a new patchwork block”.   Better jot it down whilst I remember it.  Sew until next time .....

Friday 1 February 2013

Valentine Quilt Projects

Valentine Hearts Mug Rug Pattern

February is the month for love (and pancakes!).  People at work say Valentines Day is too commercialised but I think it is only as commercial as we make it.  Here at the Across the Pond sew-along we are moving from commercial to homemade as Amy has decreed that February is the month of the HEART.   For this month's sew-along project we can make anything we like just so long as it is heart related.  Amy is teasing us with a promise of a wonderful project whilst Susie has created a cute heart snowglobe mug rug.  As for me - you will just have to keep on reading to find out about my free pattern.  We hope you will share your pattern finds with us - search the internet and make any of the many wonderful heart projects out there, then upload your photos to Flickr and post the link to the pattern in the Flickr group so that others may have a go. 

Just to get you started I have found the following free patterns:

Heart Shaped Pot Holders by Martha Stewart
Valentine Coasters by The Patchsmith

Valentine Hearts Pillow by Ellie Roberts

Heart Quilt Block by Amy Smart

Just click on any of the pictures above and it will take you through to the tutorials and patterns.

Sneaky eh - my little freebie added in with the likes of Martha Stewart and Amy Smart?  I make no excuse for being so brazen!  But it should come as no surprise to any of you that my heart pattern for this month is a Valentine Coaster.   And note that I have made two valentine coasters - one for me and one for my valentine! 

If you are participating in the Quilting Gallery mug rug swap then you might want to check out the Mug Rug Swap Etiquette page added to Mug Rug Basics above.  There are hints and tips on making this swap a fun-filled affair.

Sew until next time .............