Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mother's Day Mug Rugs

Here in England not only is spring around the corner but so is Mother's Day. It falls on 10th March this year in Britain - only a couple of weeks away. So I thought I would extol the virtues of a mug rug as a Mother's Day gift and it just so happens that I know a couple of designs that are quick and easy to put together with scraps of fabric you have to hand. 

Firstly I would point out the endless possibilities with The Mom/Mum mug rug pattern. You can make this pattern from scraps of unused binding or odds-and-ends in your rag bag and it will still look good. The applique is cut from quick patched units which you can make up in your mother's favourite colours. 

Alternatively, you could give your mother some flowers that will last on her table all year long:
Flower Sidebar Mug Rug from One Block Mug Rugs pattern book

Or how about tea and cake that won't add calories (or cost for that matter). This is the perfect addition to a pack of speciality tea and biscuits (plus it is a great little pattern to have in your library).
I know Mother’s Day isn’t until later in the USA, Spain, Mexico, European and Middle Eastern countries. But using one of these quick and easy patterns will mean you have a gift well before time – taking the stress out of last minute purchases.  
There you have it - Mother's Day all sewn up!   Sew until next time .....


  1. I just love a cute mug rug and yours are so cute and sweet! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Mother s Day is usually the fist Sunday in May in Australia...your designs are just my mum s type. I have been so pleased to see your patterns featuring heavily in the Craftsy pattern top 10 each week. Enjoy your own mother s Day too Amanda.