Friday 1 March 2013

Across the Pond Sew Along - March Project

Courtesy of Moda Bake Shop
I don’t know about you but I am fed up of being cold – so much so that I grabbed a charm pack of 5” squares and fired up my sewing machine to make myself a little something to keep me warm.  This month’s Across the Pond free pattern is the Charm Square Scarf designed by Trish Poolson from Notes of Sincerity for the Moda Bake Shop – and a great little make it is too.  Trish used a Patisserie charm park whilst I used a Birds and Berries charm pack that my sister gave me for Christmas – it adds that extra bit of colour which I crave at this time of the year. 
My sister, Lea, made the very same scarf but in autumnal hues which, I have to say, I like just as much (here she is trying to be David Bailey!) 
Lea mixed and matched several different charm packs which I have just recognised are from MY STASH!!!  I thought my Double Chocolat and Gypsy Rose squares had gone down a bit.  Does that make her scarf mine as well?  Is there a lawyer in the audience?

The pattern was really easy and is a great practise project for butting up seams.  But don't worry if you don't match seams very well - the scarf will still look good and it just might add to the scrappy look. 

If our scarves look creased it is because we wear them all the time.  Lea drapes hers over her coat in her airy-fairy-fabric-pinching way whilst I scrunch mine up inside my lapels in my hurry-gotta-go-quick-quick manner.   But I think you’ll agree that, just like the two sisters who made them, they are at their very best when side-by-side.
So whether you’re a beginner or more experienced sewist, why not join us this month for this quick and easy make.  You will need one charm pack (or thirty-four 5” squares) and some backing fabric.  You can find the pattern here or by clicking on the picture at the beginning of this blog.  If you haven’t checked out the Moda Bake Shop before I would suggest you grab a cuppa before clicking this link to their free patterns – there are so many great patterns you may be a while.

If you don't fancy this scarf but find another pattern then please share it via the Flickr thread.
And don’t forget to post your finished items to the Flickr group telling us which fabrics you used.  Amy, Susie and I will check into the thread throughout the month so if you have any questions or hints and tips then please stop by and share them.
Sew until next time .........


  1. I love this! And I do need a new scarf, so this is perfect! Thank you!!

  2. These are really smart and showy in the best possible way, and I can't wait to get going on mine! Way to go, sisters!

  3. oooh, I've got some Kaffe squares-- I can so do this! What a great idea. Thanks for posting this! It's going to be so yummy!!!!!!

  4. Your scarves are sooo pretty! It'll be fun to have different scarves for the seasons. I love that you can make them 'mix and match' !

    I am going to check my charm stash and make sure that MY sister didn't "borrow" any.... tee hee !


  5. The scarf in mine legally or not. I made it with the charm pack my sister (The Patchsmith)gave me for Christmas (I knew she didn't really want to give it to me but keep it for herself). I love the lovely autumn colours and wear mine all the time in a snug and tidy fashion. Airy fairy? fabric pinching? who said that!!!!!!! Although my sister does have a charm pack I have my eye on for another scarf......

    1. Ah, I knew I had seen those squares somewhere - and they look so lovely all together in a scarf. As for 'airy-fairy' read stylish, artistic and wonderful. :-)

  6. Both scarves are gorgeous :) I've got my order in for a charm pack ;)

  7. Your scarf is absolutely adorable!! I posted your
    finish, linking back to your blog this morning. :o)
    Have a lovely day. Sincerely, Trish xo

    1. Thank you for creating this lovely pattern - it is such a good idea.