Friday 15 March 2019

Farmer's Wife 1920s Blocks 46 and 47

Block 46 - Hill & Valley
Block 46 - Hill & Valley
Block 46 was a lovely block to paper-piece.  It is created from two idential halves.  It turned out perfectly to size and so pretty.

Block 47 - Homemaker
Block 46 - Homemaker
Inset seams are always tricky - more so if foundation paper-piecing.  English paper-piecing really is brilliant in this regard but as I am paper-piecing I tackled the four inset seams with gusto.  They are not perfect but they are more than good enough for me.  Notes read "Very tricky with the inset seams - second attempt worked well!".

That is another two blocks "done and dusted" as we say in England! Until next time ....

Saturday 2 March 2019

Farmer's Wife 1920s Blocks 43, 44 and 45

Block 43 - Garden Path
Block 43 - Garden Path
I paper-pieced this block but even so the "block turned out a little crooked".  So I have renamed it 'Crooked Garden Path.

Block 44 - Gentleman's Fancy
Block 44 - Gentleman's Fancy
"Lovely, lovely block.  At first I thought I had used too many checks but the finished block would disagree".  

Block 45 - Grape Basket
Block 45 - Grape Basket a.k.a. Cherry Basket
I turned grapes into ..... cherries through the use of some pretty fabric.  Paper-pieced and patched.   I changed the basket slightly as I patched it rather than paper-pieced that section.

That is three more blocks in the Gnomeangle sew-along and I am bang up-to-date.  YAY,  You can see all my blocks on my Farmer's Wife 1920s Pinterest board.  Until next time .....  

Friday 1 March 2019

*** NEW ***Patchsmith Patterns in Store

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There’s a Patchsmith Pattern store where you can find every individual Patchsmith pattern.  Please pop over and take a look.  Any feedback or comments are always welcome. 

Get the Flip-and-Quilt pattern from the Patchsmith's new store

You will notice that the individual mug rug patterns have increased slightly in price across all platforms.  This is the first price rise in seven year.  I think you will agree that the patterns still represent such good value – costing little more than a bar of chocolate. 

I appreciate each and every comment and purchase you make – it is the joy that keeps The Patchsmith together.  It also helps us all create a life full of fabric, fun and friends.

p.s.  The Patchsmith PDF pattern books can be found ifor immediate download on Etsy.  They are also available in paperback format via Amazon.