Saturday 18 January 2020

Valentine Patch Mug Rug

Valentine Patch Mug Rug

Last week I told you how much I loved mug rugs because they are so quick and easy.  Well I also love them because they are small enough that I can play around with them and that is exactly what I did this week.

Butterfly Patch Mug Rug

Heart Sidebar from One Block Mug Rugs Book

to create a Valentine Patch mug rug.
Creating a life of fabric, fun and friends.

What is more – I used my Butterfly Patch (QAYG) quilt-as-you-go tutorial to make it super speedy – just one hour from start to finish.
Click to go through to the QAYG tutoral for this mug rug

In true Valentine style – two become one!  

Tuesday 14 January 2020

The Patchsmith's Valentine Bunting

One of the things I love about rug mugs is the way I can use them to bring the seasons and special days into my home quickly and easily.
I also like how the mug rugs can be used for other projects.  So I am full of love for this year’s Valentine project – Half-Hearted Valentine Bunting.
Half-hearted Bunting.

The instructions for making the bunting are available FREE here.  You will need a heart template – I used the template from my Half-Hearted Mug Rug pattern which is available for immediate download for just $2.50.

Make a Half-hearted Mug Rug to go with your bunting.

I think my Mum might just like some half-hearted bunting for her lounge to go with her Mother's Day mug rug.

Patchsmith Alphabet meets Half Hearted Mug Rug

Until next time .......

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Wishing you JOY throughout 2020

JOY is my word for 2020.   But it is more than a word - it is an intention – my intention - to create a little JOY for myself and others throughout this year and beyond. 

So to start this year I created a little bit of JOY just for me using four pretty charm squares and my JOY mug rug pattern.  Here is how:

First I cut two 5” x 1½” strips from each charm square:
You will need two strips from each fabric

I then stitched them together to create two patches. 
Stitch the strips together to create two patches

And used these as the ‘fabric’ for the applique letters.
Fuse the applique tracings onto the WRONG side of the patches

 Finally I added a little touch of Patchsmithian gingham love:

  Wishing you all a
and I hope JOY comes a’calling for you in 2020.