Tuesday 14 February 2017

Have a Heart on Valentines Day

You don’t have to love 
Valentines Day 
to have a heart .......

Heart Sidebar from my One Block pattern book

...... you just need a few scraps, an hour or two and a Patchsmith mug rug pattern.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Jane Austen's Love Story Cameo Mug Rug

2017 marks the bicentenary of Jane Austin’s death.  Thank goodness her books remain as alive today as they always have.

The 'Love Story' Cameo mug rug pattern commemorates Jane’s ability to weave a happy ending to each and every one of her love stories.

Suitable for hand-stitching (as shown above) or machine-stitching (as shown below) you will need an experienced hand when cutting and stitching the silhouettes. 

And here is a little tip for getting the fusible paper off the back of the applique shapes easily - once you have fused the tracing to your chosen fabric, peel a small corner away prior to cutting the shape out.  You will then have a starting point for peeling the paper away once the shape is cut out.
Peel a corner then lay the backing paper back down to cut out the shape.
You will find it easy to peel the backing paper using the pulled corner.

So join with me and create the perfect resting place for your cup-of-tea as you enjoy your next great read.

Saturday 4 February 2017

The Patchsmith's 12" Spinning Churn Dash Block

Do you remember when I did a little Churn Dash spinning last month to create a 6" Spinning Cuurn Dash Block? 

Available in The Patchsmith's Sampler Blocks pattern book
via Amazon

Well this month I've been spinning again but this time on a bigger scale.
My 12" Spinning Churn Dash Block pattern is available for immediate download HERE and it is 

I look forward to spinning with you real soon.  
p.s. Don't forget to tag #spinningchurndash or @thepatchsmith so I can see photos of your Spinning Churn Dash blocks.