Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Patchsmith's 12" Spinning Churn Dash Block

Do you remember when I did a little Churn Dash spinning last month to create a 6" Spinning Churn Dash Block?  

Well this month I've been spinning again but this time on a bigger scale.
My 12" Spinning Churn Dash Block pattern is available for immediate download HERE and, just like it's smaller sister, it is 

However, if you've already printed the 6" Spinning Churn Dash Block I thought I would share with you the 12" cutting measurements so you can write them on the pattern without the need to print it again.  So here they are:
From background fabric cut:
             Two 5½" squares (A)
             One 12 x 2½" rectangle (B)
From center fabric cut:
            One 4½" square (C)
            One 12 x 2½" rectangle (D)
From corner fabric cut:
             Two 5½" squares (E)
             Two 12 x 2½" rectangles (F)

I look forward to spinning with you real soon.  
p.s. Don't forget to tag #spinningchurndash or @thepatchsmith so I can see photos of your Spinning Churn Dash blocks.


  1. Such a great design, in any size! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Glad you like Amy. I am concentrating on red, blue and white for my block-a-day this year in the hope I might actually create a quilt with them!