Wednesday 26 January 2022

Block-a-Day and another scrappy collection

Time is going quickly - as always - but I am still making time for my BAD (block-a-day) blocks.  Here are the latest:

BAD 8 - Small and Simple Star.  This block is from the first block in A Quilting Life's free block-of-the-month:
BAD 9 - January's Quilting Life.    The previous BAD 8 block gets a scrapilicious border to turn it into the first block in A Quilting Life's sew-along.
BAD 9 - A Quilting Life's SAL Block One

BAD 10 - A two-piece heart - also from Carol Doak's paper-piecing book. Sometimes I have very little time to sew and this little 3" block was just the thing on one such day.
BAD 10 - A two-piece heart

BAD 11 - Birdhouse no. 1.  Today's block is also from Carol Doak's paper-piecing book.  It also measures just 3".  Another sweet little make.
BAD 11 - Birdhouse no. 1.

BAD 12 - Riley Blake block 2 middle. A new year always brings a plethora of new sew-alongs and Riley Blake are hosting a free 'Challenge' sew along.  The blocks are just a little bigger than I need so I created this 6" block using just the middle of their block 2.
BAD 12 - Riley Blake Block 2 Middle

BAD 13 - Sunrise - another Carol Doak's paper-piecing block - taking just a tad more time than the earlier two this week.
BAD 13 - Sunrise - lucky for some

BAD 14 - A Birdhouse at Home.  The Simple Star block from my One Block Mug Rugs pattern book is the setting for BAD block 11.  Looking right at home amongst the florals.
BAD 14 - A Birdhouse at home amongst the flowers

Don't forget - the Patchwork Corners mug rug pattern is on special offer only until the end of this month - so pick up a copy now by clicking on the photo/links below.
In the meantime you can see all the blocks on my Pinterest 2022 BAD board or follow along on Instagram @thepatchsmith.

Until next time …..

Sunday 9 January 2022

A New Year - a new day - a new block

BAD 5 - A Simple Home 

2022 is upon us and I think we are all hoping for better days - free of Covid and a life full of connection, friendships and fun.  

I am not waiting for that to happen - I am creating a life of fabric, fun and friends by making one block a day throughout 2022 - the Patchsmith's BAD (Block-a-Day).  (I did this same thing in 2015  - you can see all the 2015 blocks HERE.)

Using nothing more than scraps from my scrap box - here is my first week of BAD (block-a-day) blocks:

BAD 1 - Scrap Happy Brick House.  This block is a variation on my Brick Wall pattern block.  
BAD 2 - Box within a Box (a.k.a. Feature Square).  Paper-piecing practice from Carol Doak's '50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks'.  
BAD 3 - A Little Home - also from Carol Doak's paper-piecing book.  Expect to see more of these little blocks this week as they fit perfectly into my Patchwork Corners' Mug Rug pattern (which is on special for the month of January 2022 - just click on the link - no coupon needed).
BAD 3 - Little Home

BAD 4 - A Patchwork Home.  The BAD 3 block finds itself safe and sound in a blizzard of fabric scraps as I incorporate it into my Patchwork Corners block (this block can also be found in my sampler book - look for the Cornerstones block).
BAD 5 - A Simple Home.  I moved into a single storey house last year - a bungalow - to make life easier for me.  This block, from the Patchsmith's Sampler pattern book, reflects everything I love about sewing at home - simplicity, nature and colour.
BAD 5 - A Simple Home

BAD 6 - Pinwheel Paddles (a.k.a. Louisana Block).  I created this block and posted it on Instagram where a lovely lady from Tennessee, told me it was a classic block known as Louisana.  I love how patchwork, quilting and all things fabric, bring people together.
BAD 7 - Patchwork Corners (from the Patchwork Corners mug rug pattern).  This block is going to feature heavily throughout January as use up more of my fabric scraps.  
So be sure to come back and see how I get on as I sew a block-a-day (BAD).  I will be sharing some block patterns along the way and having a monthly special on a different mug rug each month.

In the meantime you can see all the blocks on my Pinterest 2022 BAD board or follow along on Instagram @thepatchsmith.

Until next time …..