Thursday, 13 August 2015

Patchwork Corners Mug Rug

Everybody needs at least one patchwork mug rug pattern in their library.  And, if you pick the right patchwork pattern - then one pattern might be all you need.  

A versatile patchwork mug rug pattern should be good for all year-round use – a design that you can personalize for special days and special people.

It should be quick and easy for tired times when you need a last minute gift ....

Fussy cut the centre square and add a simple sidebar

 .... and it should allow you to fussy cut for seasonal goodness or to use a scrap of your favourite fabric.

or use a favourite fabric and patch the sidebar
Can one mug rug mini-quilt pattern do all that?  

'Pretty in Pink'
It can if it is the Patchwork Corners Mug Rug pattern - two simple mug rug designs in one $1.99 pattern.  

p.s.  The Patchwork Corner block is good for other quilty projects that call for a 6" block ..... 


  1. That's an adorable way to frame the center fabric Amanda!

    1. Thank you Lara. So many uses and so little time!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Christine. If you use a plain background for the centre square it would be perfect for a touch of embroidery - which I know you like.

  3. I love a pattern where you can feature a fussy cut fabric! How clever is your fancy Churn Dash, too !What great essential block patterns for fun mug rugs!!