Sunday 10 February 2019

Patchsmith Sampler Block 49 - Tea-Time

Block 49 - Tea-time

As we approach the end of the Patchsmith’s Sampler sew-along it is time to share a cuppa together.  But before we do let me remind you that all the blocks and their blog postings are available by clicking the ‘PatchsmithSampler’ tab above.  So don't worry if you havn't made all the blocks yet – this is not a race!

So on to this week’s penultimate block – Block 49 ‘Tea-time’.  It is a relatively simple patchwork block that lends itself to playing with three co-ordinating fabrics (and one background fabric). 

Click on the template to download a PDF version

I added steam swirls to the top of the block (you will find a template on page 65 of the paperback book) or you can download it by clicking on the spirals above.  

First I marked the swirls using a Frixion pen.  Here in England these are widely available from all the major supermarkets.  They have the benefit of disappearing once pressed with a hot iron.
Marking the block with steam spirals

Once marked I used two strands of embroidery cotton and a simple running stitch to create the swirls.  
A simple running stitch is all it takes!

However, you could always quilt the swirls when quilting the finished project  or leave them off totally.
Spiral-less Tea-Time Block 49

My finished quilt is waiting for good light so that I can photograph it.  In the meantime please share you blocks over on Instagram (tag me @thepatchsmith or with the number and name of the block i.e. #block49teatime). 

The final block in the book - Block 50 'Yacht'

Next week will be sailing into the sunset with the last block of the sew-along – but hoepfully not our last week together as I have lots of other plans to share with you this year including a new book or two of mug rug patterns.

Until then ……

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  1. So cute! I have purchased your book and the blocks are all so cute. Hopefully, I will get to sewing them soon. It seems that I always have so many projects going.