Monday 6 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 23 - Stained Glass Cross

Block 23 - Stained Glass Cross

This week’s block in the Patchsmith Sampler sew-along is a little bit of heave – Block 23 ‘Stained Glass Cross'.   All that is needed is a little bit of reflection on quick corners which we first met when making the Watermelon block back in week 3.
Quick corners for Block 3

To create a Stained Glass Cross you will need to lay quick corners upon quick corners – which is quite simple to do and clearly explained in the book. If you choose your fabrics from within the same colour spectrum you will be sure to create a very pretty Stained Glass Cross.
Choose fabric from the same colour group

However, you can create a 'Snowflake' version of this block by cutting your fabrics for pieces A, D and E from the same fabric and cutting pieces B from background fabric (there is no need for piece C). 
Block 23 - Snowflake version!

So another relatively simple block this week and one that I hope to see over on Instagram (#block23stainedglasscross) and in the Flickr Group.

Next week it is back to using up some scraps as we make a Patchwork Heart.  
Block 24 - Patchwork Heart
Until then .....

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