Monday 27 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 26 - Cactus

Block 25 - Cactus

We are over half-way through the Patchsmith Sampler Blocks sew-along and we are marking it with a versatile little block – the Cactus block.

Block 26 is another good blender block - blender blocks add cohesion to any quilt project as they pull the blocks together through the use of fabric scraps used elsewhere in the quilt.

You can make the block using just one colourway in true spirit of a Cactus in which case cut all B to H strips from green fabrics:
A prickly single colour Cactus Block

Or you can add a little flower because some Cactii bloom.  In this case cut pieces B, C and one D piece from a floral fabric.  (If you only want  a bud on your cactus cut just B and C from floral fabric and the remaining D to H pieces from green fabrics - as the diagrams in the book show.)
Block 26 in flower!

But it doesn’t have to stop there. This block was created with a traditional Pineapple patchwork block in mind and so you why not transform the Cactus into a Pineapple block.  (Cut pieces B to E and one fabric F strip from yellow fabric; cut the remaining F strip and the G strip from green fabric.)
Block 26 - Pineapple Version

Whichever version you make you will find it easier if you lay your strips out onto your worktable prior to stitching and lay your marked A squares on top of the strips as shown in the pattern.

I hope you have fun with this block - I am thinking I might make an Artichoke version in purples.  Until then I would love to see you versions over on Instagram (#block26cactus) or in the Flickr group.

Until next time .......


  1. Love all the pretty variations with this block! Beautiful!

  2. This is such a beautiful and classic block! I had fun sewing mine. I would love to see your artichoke version!!
    I am sad that our Sew Along is half finished, Amanda!!!

    1. You will have a beautiful quilt at the end to keep forever. That will make you smile.