Monday 13 August 2018

Patchsmith Sampler Block 24 - Patchwork Heart

Block 24 - Patchwork Heart

This week’s block will capture your heart – it is Block 24 ‘Patchwork Heart’.  Not only does it nest a heart within a heart but it indulges every quilter’s passion for using up every last scrap of fabric.
Scraps glorious scraps!

I created the block using a single-fabric heart in the middle but you could patch this heart by cutting an extra four A pieces and stitching them together into two columns of two.
Scraps coming together.

What I particularly love about using scraps in this way is that it really doesn’t matter if your seams don’t match because of the scrappiness of the block – great if you are short of time or you can’t find your glasses!
Almost there.

Wouldn't this make a great addition to a Valentine project?
Block 24 complete.

Next week we will be using more scraps (rectangles instead of squares) as we make the Night and Day log cabin block. 
Rectangle scraps for Block 25

Until then I look forward to seeing your versions of the Patchwork Heart (#block24patchworkheart) over on Instagram or in the Flickr Group.  Just tag me (@thepatchsmith).

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