Saturday 28 March 2020

Quilted Gift Giving and Coronavirus

Sending gifts through the post at this time can be both a blessing and a curse.  On the positive side it is the perfect time to let somebody know they are cared for and loved.  However, if care isn’t taken you may end up giving the recipient more than just a quilted gift.
So I thought I would share some simple steps I am taking when sending one of my little mug rugs to a friend in these worrying times.

1.         Once I have made the quilt I leave it untouched for seven days before packing and posting it.  I call this the quilt quarantine period.

Spring Chicken Mug Rug (from my Animal & Pets Book)

2.         After the quilt quarantine period is over I use clean gloves and pack the mini quilt in a plastic bag.  I try to use a bag that can be opened and the mini quilt simply tipped out. This allows the recipient to only touch the plastic bag – they can then wash their hands before touching the quilt.  Alternatively the recipient may wish to wipe down the plastic bag before taking the quilt out.

3.         If I am including a small packet of cookies or a chocolate bar I make sure it is wiped down with a disinfectant wipe before including it with the mug rug.
Butterfly Pocket Mug Rug Pattern

4.         The plastic bag is then popped into an envelope, addressed and taken to the post office whilst adhering to the strict social distancing measures that are in place.

5.         I let the recipient know a small gift is going to arrive and I put my address on the back of the package so that they can identify it when it arrives.  Many of my older relatives (myself included) leave the post on the doormat for at least 4 hours before picking it up.
Beach Huts Mug Rug Pattern

6.         If I think the recipient might be concerned at all about the safety of the gift I include a note or card letting them know the measures I have taken.  I also let them know that the gift is washable and can be washed before use.  In these worrying times I do not want to add to their stress with my handmade gift.  

7.         And finally, I do not seal any envelopes by licking them.  Obvious but habitual!

Summer Birdhouse Mug Rug pattern

Nobody can be sure about anything at the moment.  All we can do is minimize risk and keep showing one another how very important they are.

Please feel free to share any safety tips you have put in place - in the comments below.

Keep safe everybody.  Until next time ........


  1. I have sent a mug rug from one of your patterns and it was so well received at this difficult time! I shall bear in mind your advice. Love your patterns! Especially the beach huts.

    1. I am so glad it was well received. They are a great little make because you can use whatever you have to hand. Keep well ..... and I love your name - two of my favourite things (sparkles and pink). xx

  2. The mug rugs are a perfect gift , Amanda! ANd so many people are working from home now... I am sure their new work space could use something for their coffee and tea.
    Thank you for steps to keep a gift safe for it's recipient. I had not thought of all of them.
    hugs, Susie

  3. That is such thoughtful advice, Amanda. It’s a gift on top of a gift to take those extra precautions.

  4. Thanks so much for your great patterns, and your helpful tips. I had never thought about not licking an envelope (except back "in the day" when we were afraid of poison being on envelopes). DUH! Why didn't I think of that????

    Again, thanks!