Sunday 4 January 2015

Patchiqué Blocks 38 and 104 - Fabric Crumbs

Patchique Quilt Layout
Here we are, at the end of the Patchiqué trail.  It started nearly 14 months ago in October 2013 when I set out to make two blocks every fortnight – one patched and one appliquéd from Susan Briscoe's wonderful Japanese Taupe Quilts book.  It ends this week with the final two blocks completed making 46 blocks in total – enough for a bed quilt.
Block 38 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
Patchwork block 38 ‘Kasuri juji hishi’ (translated as Kasuri diamond crosses) is quite a complex block made up of 81 pieces.  It doesn’t look like it has so many pieces but trust me – there are 81 small pieces.  In spite of this I have to say that I really enjoyed this block.  The diagram and instructions in the book were impeccable, as always, so it went together really well – and fairly quick too. Okay, my block isn't perfect but it is good enough for me (perfection is so overrated don't you think?)
Patchique Block 38 - Patchsmith Style
So nothing to report except – give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised and hopefully, very pleased with the end result.
Block 104 from Japanese Taupe Quilts
I was expecting the patchwork block to be quite tricky so I chose a simple appliqué block to mark the end of this journey – block 104 ‘Hachi hon ogi guruma’ (eight fan wheel).  However, this block proved useful for using up some of the fabric crumbs left-over along the way. 
Patchique Block 104 - Patchsmith Style
And so these two blocks lead us to the end of a thoroughly enjoyable foray into the world of Japanese patchwork and applique.  I hope you have enjoyed tagging along.  I have certainly enjoyed the consistent company and skill of Susie over at Susie’s Sunroom as she joined me step-by-step along the trail (be sure to check out all her blocks over at the Flickr group– they are in beautiful hues that blend East with West seamlessly).  
Susie's Chrysathemum Block No. 114
And be sure to check back later in the year when I shall post pictures of the finished quilt bound and quilted.

For 2015 I shall be concentrating on using up some more ‘fabric crumbs’ on the Farmers Wife quilt blocks – nothing organised – just a block or two here and there. And I know I shall also be returning to Susan Briscoe’s “Japanese Taupe Quilts” book to try out some of those really tricky blocks that have over 100 fabric crumbs in a 9½” square. 

Sew until next time .......


  1. Beautiful blocks Amanda! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! :) xx

  2. I really do think that your block #38 is PERFECTION! Now tell me.... did you plan it to line up the background flower shapes so well ????! And, well, I adore your last block- the eight fan wheel! I love those spokes in your pink fabrics...and you have included one with pink checks !
    I will look forward to us making an occasional block in the future, too! (Thank you for not starting out with those tricky blocks with all of the little pieces!!)

    1. Your Chrysanthemum block is one of my favourites - the fabrics you chose just work so well. Thank you for all the help and support along the trail.

  3. All those blocks will soon add up to a wonderful quilt! You've done a great job carrying out this project - I love your fabrics made up in these complex blocks!

  4. Amanda, I was just looking at your and Susie's blocks and they are so beautiful! They are going to make stunning quilts!