Sunday 18 January 2015

Paper-piece and patchwork fun

I was four blocks into my 2015 BAD (Block-a-Day) project last time we chatted.  Well I have been playing with my fabric scraps and now, five days later, I am fourteen blocks in.  Fancy a butchers hook (cockney rhyming slang for ‘look’)?  
(All blocks are 4½” including borders unless stated otherwise.)
Block 6 - House (Carol Doak design)
Block 7 - Birthday Cake (patchwork 6" x 7")
This block was minimized from the FQ Shop's charity Snapshots QAL
Block 8 - Sewing Machine (paper pieced 6" x 5")
This block was minimized from a Regina Grewe design
Block 9 - Quarter Square Triangles from
two orphaned HST blocks left-over from the Wishes QAL.
Block 10 - Tree (Carol Doak design)
Block 11 - Cup-and-Saucer  (minimized from a Piece-by-Number Design)
Block 12 - Squares-within-a-Square
Block 13 - Feature Square (Carol Doak design)
I added some very simple stitching to this one.
Block 14 - Log Cabin Tree (minimized from a Linda Causee design)
You can see all blocks made to date over on Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram (#patchsmithbad2015).

This is so much fun but it hasn't made a dent to my fabric scraps yet!


  1. Hi Amanda! What fabulous blocks! It is going to make a fantastic quilt!! :) x

  2. I am in love with each one! I keep saying... "Now that's my favorite!" And then I see the next one and it then becomes my new favorite block!
    Do you gather some fabric, and then look for a block to make.... or pick out a block and then look for your fabrics?

    1. I pick the block first and then choose from my fabric scraps. I have so many scraps and this is a great way to use them up. Besides, it is so much fun making something pretty from offcuts.

  3. Wow - these are each soooooo beautiful! I love the photography, Amanda - the white backgrounds set each block off perfectly, and the little props are enchanting!

    1. The quality of the photos differ due to the light here in England in January. I am loving these blocks - both the making of them and how they are turning out. I regard it as scrap organization!

  4. Yay. My imagination is short and I have no idea how all your 365 will look together, lol.

    1. I'm not to sure that they will all go together. I just know it feels nicer to have my scraps in block order rather than in a pile. Beside - it is so much fun.

  5. These are so dainty and cute! It looks like such fun. Are they all paper pieced or just regular? Are you using a book? I have missed something. Let me go back :)