Thursday 22 January 2015

Block-a-Day is up-to-date

Block 22 - Schoolhouse
I caught up – Block 22 Schoolhouse completed today.  From hereon in it is just one block a day for the next 343 days – easy-peasy!  Have to say I am loving it.  It is scrap-organising extraordinaire!  Fancy a gander ("gander" = slang for look)?
Block 15 - Boxed-in
I just had to slip in a little patchwork.  I think this block is my favourite so far.
Block 16 - Apple (Carol Doak)
Block 17 - Nine-Patch.  A little more patchwork from me.
Block 18 - Shamrock - another Carol Doak 3" block.
Block 19 - Birdhouse (Carol Doak)
Block 20 - Big Mug
Original 6" pattern from Block Central reduced by half!
Block 21 - Crocus (Carol Doak)
What a great way to see how fabrics look together.  These are my Patchique fabrics.
So there you have it.  22 blocks - one for each day of the year so far.  If you fancy joining in - with a block-a-day, block-a-week or even a block-a-month then be sure to pop over to the Flickr group and say "hello".  

Until next time ......


  1. Your blocks are fabulous Amanda! Makes me want to join in....but I have already started all sorts of projects for 2015 and I shouldn't really take on any more.... very tempting though! :) xx

    1. It is a great way of keeping your scraps organised Christine. Perhaps you could make just one or two after each project from the left-over bits.

  2. Looking good! I'm impressed with your pace :)

  3. Of course we all have our favorites, but it's so hard to choose. Sorting the scraps must be liberating! Okay. It's the houses. and the trees (other post) they all look fabulous Amanda!

  4. They are all adorable...what a cute schoolhouse, with that little red door! And if I were a bird, I would love living in that birdhouse. I wouldn't even fly south for the winter.

  5. OK, I have joined, now what do I do? I love the little blocks and have made many, usually 4 1/2". What are we doing with them and where do I get the patterns or do I use what I have.