Sunday 1 February 2015

Hearts on both sides of the Pond

Who doesn't love a heart?
In case you hadn’t noticed I love hearts – big hearts, little hearts, patriotic hearts and especially gingerbread hearts.  So I am thrilled that Susie has chosen this classic theme for February’s Across the Pond Sew Along (ATPSAL) project.

I recently enlarged my Valentine Hearts mug rug pattern to create a very pretty table runner for my coffee table.  
You can find out how to enlarge a mug rug pattern in the Mug Rug Basics section (tab above) 
Well Susie has gone the other way and reduced the pattern – making it the perfect fit for her versatile Striped Accent Cushion.  Find out all about it over at Susie’s Sunroom
Susie's Valentine Accent Cushion
And if that is not enough Susie has also made the cutest heart shaped rag wreath.  (Rag wreaths were the ATPSAL project for October but we enjoyed them so much we just can’t stop making them.)  
Susie's Valentine Heart Wreath
Then, to top it all off, Susie got her paper-piecing mojo to make a lip-smacking block.
Susies' Lips - well not her real ones obviously!
On this side of the pond I haven't been nearly as busy but I will be focusing on little hearts and anything to do with LOVE for my Block-a-Day (BAD) project this month.  Yes, this will mean a lot of pink and red but not always – watch out for a couple of surprises.  

To start this month of blocky fun, I have gone pretty-pretty with one of Quilting Works’ free paper-pieced hearts.  This itty-bitty heart measures just 2” square before borders and I think you’ll agree it is as cute as can be.  
Block 32 - Heart 3
I've already made two heart blocks for my Block-a-day project - both from Carol Doak’s wonderful little book "50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks".  
Block 1 - Heart 1
Block 3 - Heart 2
Expect more hearts throughout the month from many different designers - some patched, some paper-pieced and one or two appliqued via the Patchsmith.  In the meantime if you fancy paper-piecing a heart you really should check out Carol’s tutorial.  She has some free heart patterns on her website which I hope to make very soon. 

Be sure to check back here next week for a Patchsmith appliquéd heart block but in the meantime post any heart blocks or quilts you have made to the Across the Pond Flickr group so we can get inspiration for this month of love!


  1. Your Patchsmith hearts are so beautiful! I really love the patchy block 32 heart 3!! I am looking forward to seeing all of your heart blocks during the month! I already *heart* anything that The Patchsmith makes!!

  2. adorable mug rug!!! love it!!

    1. Gingerbread is always delicious - not just at Christmas.