Friday, 6 February 2015

A Little Hashtag Block

Block 37 - Hashtag Heart (#Heart)
Block 37 on the Block-a-Day (BAD) project brings us to a quick and easy patchwork block – the Patchsmith’s Hashtag Heart.  It is a great way to use up a left-over heart novelty charm square.  Want to know how I did it?  Okay then ........

(4½” is the unfinished size and equates to a 4” finished (sewn in) block) 

Fabric Requirements/Cutting:
Three 1¼” x 3¾” BACKGROUND strips
Four 1” x 3¾” HASHTAG strips
Four 5" x 1” border strips
(All seam allowances are ¼”) 

1.         With right sides  together stitch the three BACKGROUND strips and two of the HASHTAG strips as shown to create a 3¾” square.  Press.
Alternate two HASHTAG strips with the three HEART strips 
2.         Cross cut this square into three 1¼” wide strips.
You should now have three 1¼" x 3¾"  strips
3.         Stitch the three patched strips together with the two remaining 1” x 3¾” HASHTAG strips to create a block measuring 3¾” square.  Press.
Just one more step to create the perfect #Heart Block
 4.         Finally stitch 1” border strips all the way around the block.  Press and trim the block to measure 4½”.
Add a 1" border to the block and then trim to size.
And there you have it – the Patchsmith’s #HEART block.  

If you do make one of these blocks please post a photo to the BAD (Block-a-Day) Flickrgroup.  I would love to see them.  Until next time ........


  1. #LOVE*THIS*PATTERN !!! This is so darn cute!!
    Thank you for a sweet pattern!!

    1. It is a brilliant little block for those novelty charm squares Susie. Shown here with Valentine 'heart' fabric it would look just as good with Halloween, Christmas or any other novelty square.

  2. What a darling block! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern!