Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Granny's Garden Bedrunner Block 11

Granny's Garden Block 11

Block 11 of Granny’s Garden Sew-along is a Dresden style block created using half-square triangles (HSTs).

Lori creates the half-square triangles using eight 4½” squares.  It is a very clever method – click on the picture below to visit her blog.

However, as I was short of time and I am using quick-fuse applique I created the pinwheel for the Dresden using just four 5” blocks – two pink and two red. 

I marked a line diagonally on the back of both pink 5” squares and then placed them, right sides together, onto the red squares.  Next I stitched a scant ¼” either side of the marked line.
Mark a diagonal and stitch either side

Then it was simple a case of cutting along the marked lines and pressing open to create four half-square triangles.  I trimmed my blocks slightly so they measured 4½” square.  
Then cut along the marked line

Next I stitched the four units together to create a pinwheel block.  This will make up the Dresden section of Block 11.  
Do not worry if your center seams do not match as they will be covered by further applique shapes.

Once you have traced Sew Simple Shape I25 onto the paper side of the fusible webbing, mark lines across the tracing from one side to the other as shown.  
Marking the lines across Shape I25 will help when fusing the cutout.

Position the fusible webbing tracing onto the WRONG side of your pinwheel patch, matching the seams with the marked lines as best as you can.  Fuse in place.
Line up the marked lines with the seam lines as best you can.

When cutting out the Dresden flower I found it easier to start at the middle of each Dresden section and cut down towards the intersection.  That way, if any of my seams didn't match exactly I was able to adjust it so that the intersection met at the seam. 

Once you have your Dresden it is a simple case of placing it centrally on the white circle before fusing and stitching it in place.  I did this before adding pieces I23 and I21.  
Block 11 - A pretty Dresden Flower
You can use the 5” double-HST method for blocks 20, 30, and 31 but it will not work for next week’s Block 14 – you will need eight different 4½” squares for that block.  But more on that later.......

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  1. Your Block is just beautiful, Amanda!! I always love learning wonderful tips from you !!