Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Granny's Garden Bedrunner Blocks 14 and 16

Granny's Garden Block 16

I have been without internet for a little while so it is time to catch up and I am starting with week 4 for my Granny’s Garden bedrunner - which means two blocks - Block 14 and Block 16.  

For Block 14 I wanted to reduce the layers as I am using the quick-fuse method and it is a little fiddly.  Here is how I did it.....

Trace Sew Simple Shape I25 and mark the lines across the middle.  Make a mark along each middle line 1¼” in from the outer edge of the Dresden like so:
Make a mark 1.25" in from the outer edge
on each line.

Then join the marks together with straight lines to create an eight-sided middle.  
Join the dots to create an octagon middle

To make sure this will work lay Shape I27 over the tracing and the eight-sided tracing should be covered completely by Shape I27.  
Don't cut out anything until you know the scallops will cover your eight-sided tracing!

Once you are happy, cut ¼” outside of the outer tracing of I25 and cut ¼” inside the middle tracing as shown.
A Dresden Donut!

Next you need to trace Shape I27 and trace a 4” circle centrally in the middle of the tracing.  Yet again cut ¼” outside of the outer traced line and ¼” inside the 4” inner tracing as shown, to create a scalloped ring.
A Scalloped Donut!

Create the Dresden patch as per Lori's tutorial.  Then fuse Shape I25 to the back of the Dresden matching up the traced lines with the seams.  
Match the lines to the seams as best you can.

Cut out accurately around the outer and inner traced lines as shown to create a Dresden donut.
A very pretty Dresden donut.

Fuse Shape I27 to the wrong side of the green scallop fabric before cutting out accurately around the outer and inner traced lines to create a scallop donut..  
Pop the middle circle of fabric into your scrap box for later.

Once this is done – and it is quite a bit of tracing and cutting – you can then layer the Dresden centrally onto the background cream circle and position the green scallop donut over the top to cover the cut inner edge of the Dresden donut.   
Fuse centrally onto your background.

Stitch around the outer edges of the Dresden and the outer and inner edges of the scallop donut.   
It is a lot of stitching - thank goodness my machine LOVES blanket-stitch.

Finally position and stitch the four petal shapes before fusing and stitching a small circle on top. 
I fussy cut the middle circle for a little extra prettiness.

Phew – quite a bit of work but well worth it – such a pretty block. 
Granny's Garden Block 14.

After that Block 16 is a breeze.  Cut your fabric pieces and lay them out so that the leaves just touch each other centrally,.  

Then lay a strip of stem over the top of the leaves and tuck it under the middle flower petal.  Simple. 
Stitch the flower top and stem in place first - it will keep the petals and leaves in position until you stitch them down.

So there you have it – another two blocks done.  I have completed a further three blocks to bring me bang up to date but more about that next week.  Until then ......

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  1. Such pretty blocks Amanda! Just love them. Christine xx