Wednesday 4 September 2019

Granny's Garden Bedrunner - Block 5

Granny's Garden Block 5

It is week 2 on the Granny’s Garden sew-along and this week is another one-block week for my bedrunner – Block 5.  (I listed the fourteen Granny's Garden blocks I am using HERE).

Block 5 is a flower block very similar to Block 1 which I made last week.  
Granny's Garden is blooming lovely!

So nothing new to report here except Lori created the leaves using two fabrics – a method I call “strip applique” and one I use often in my mug rug patterns.
The teacup uses a simple strip-applique.Full details can be found in this lovely little pattern.

However, I just adore the Green Granny Roses fabric so my leaves have not been stripped!
I tucked the leaves under the stem everso slightly.

A very quick tip: when placing your white circles on the background fabric try to center them as best you can.  I fold the background squares in quarters and lightly press so I know where the center is.  
Lightly finger press the background squares to help when centering your applique.

But don’t worry if your circles aren’t perfectly centered as the background squares are cut bigger than needed and you can trim them to size later on. 

Next week I shall be creating two blocks – Block 9 and Block 11 – neither of which are flower blocks.  Be sure to come back and see how I create Block 9 whilst keeping the number of layers of applique to a minimum.  Until then ..... 

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  1. Oh my gosh, these flower blocks are just adorable! The fabrics you are using are sew cute!