Wednesday 11 September 2019

Granny's Garden Bedrunner Block 9

Granny's Garden Block 9

Week 3 of the Granny’s Garden Quilt sew-along brings the first two-block week for my Granny’s Garden Bedrunner.  This week I am making Blocks 9 and 11. 

If you are using Lori's interfacing-applique method then just pop over to Lori’s post and see how it is done.  

But, if like me, you are using quick-fuse applique then here is a tip to reduce the number of layers you need to sew through.

After tracing Sew Simple Shape I28 position your 6” circular template centrally onto the tracing and trace around it.  
Center the 6" circle within the I28 flower shape

Cut out roughly around the inner tracing (the 6” circle tracing) - do not cut out accurately at this stage.  
You can use the inner cutout of fusible webbing for your hearts and ovals as we did for Block 1.

Next fuse the flower ring onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric (in my case TealGranny Kisses) before cutting out accurately along the traced lines to create a flower ring.  Fuse this centrally onto the white/cream circle. 
Place the flower ring onto the white/cream circle..
Then stitch the flower ring into position before placing the center applique shapes. 

When positioning the pink hearts and ovals place the hearts first at 90° to each other.   Then place the yellow ovals leaving a little gap between the hearts and ovals.  If you find the ovals are touching the hearts move the hearts away from the center a little until there is a gap between the shapes.  
Stitch the hearts and ovals into position before fusing the center circle.

Stitch the hearts and ovals into position before fusing and stitching the center circle in place to complete Block 9.  Taa-daa!
Block 9 looking oh sew pretty.

I will crack on with Block 11 using Lori’s excellent shortcut to create the Dresden donut.  Until then ......

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