Saturday 7 November 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 15, 16, 1, 57 and 62

We are on week eight for the Very Kerry Berry  so the blocks for this week are:

Block 15 – Blossom.  I paper-pieced this using 2½” scrap squares for the blossom on the tree.  My journal notes in the book read “a lot of work but easy enough”. I really love the scrappy look.
Block 15- Blossom

Block 16 – Bonnie.  This is a simple patchwork block that has already been covered on week one of the Gnome Angel sew-along. 
Block 16 - Bonnie

For the Gnome Angel sew-along there were three blocks this week:

Block 1 – Addie.  This was the very first paper-pieced block for the Very Kerry Berry sew-along at the end of September so an easy start to my week. 

Block 57 – Margaret.  I patched this block using half-square-triangles.  Notes read “Pretty block”.  I love this block and really enjoyed making it.
Block 57 - Margaret.

Block 62 – Milly.  Another half-square-triangles block but by the end of the block I was a littled tired of making them.  Notes read “All those points and seams!”. 
Block 62 - Milly

I have been making more blocks as part of my Block-a-Day project and you can see them all on my Farmer’s Wife page.  They are also on my Farmer’s Wife Pinterest board.

I am in the throws of joining the blocks made so far and I have decided to set half straight and half on-point.  The inspiration for this is Lolly Quiltz who has a really good way of setting the blocks.  Lolly cuts the sashing bigger than needed and you trim your blocks to size - this is perfect if some of your blocks are not quite 6½" or they are not square

I’m still having fun and am loving both sew-alongs.  The tutorials are brilliant and the community for both is so helpful. 

Until next time...................


  1. More beautiful blocks Amanda! Your piecing is so perfect! Love them all! Christine x

  2. I just checked out the link to see the setting you described and it is awesome. I hope to see you use it for these blocks because it makes each one a star!

    1. I've already started setting the blocks I've made. Looking good. xxx

  3. Brilliant. Your colours are wonderful

  4. I used that setting for my original FMQ, but I'm still waiting to quilt it. I'll be very interested to see how you do yours.