Thursday 12 November 2015

The JOY of Christmas Mug Rugs

A JOYful Mug Rug Collection
It is never too early to start making preparations for Christmas and it is never too early to snatch some time to indulge in a little fabric craftiness.

With that in mind, I have added the JOY Mug Rug pattern to my Etsy shop especially for such moments.
Patchwork JOY Mug Rug
You can use whatever fabrics you have to hand to create the perfect resting place for your coffee cup and cookie. 

Use whatever fabrics you have to create a lovely little gift.

The JOY mug rug also makes an ideal ‘thank you’ gift for a teacher, friend or colleague.  
Give a JOYful gift this Christmas
This pattern, like all Patchsmith patterns is just $2.50 so how about it?  Fancy joining me for some mug rug fun?


  1. Beautiful mug rugs Amanda! Love all the different colours! Christine x

  2. It is always a joy to see your lovely mug rugs!

    1. As it is to receive a comment from you Vexa. Hope all is well with you. xxxx

  3. Your Joy mug rugs sing the happiest of Christmas songs! They are all so cheery and bright!