Sunday 29 November 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 21, 22, 39, 79 and 80

Farmer's Wife Block 39 - Grandma
We are still on the ‘C’s for week 11 of the Very Kerry Berry sew-along .....

Block 21 – Carrie.  This was a nice easy paper-pieced block with minimal seam matching.  Just the center seam needed matching.  
Farmer's Wife Block 21 - Carrie (paper-pieced)

Block 22 – Cat.  Another lovely block.  Notes in book read “nice to paper-piece the individual sections as I strip-pieced them.  One seam is not quite right but it is good enough”.  
Farmer's Wife Block 22 - Cat (paper-pieced)

Good enough is the standard I am going for with these blocks as some of them are very, very tricky.  Besides I would rather have a finished quilt with a few wonky seams than a part-finished ‘perfect’ quilt top.

Anyway, onto the Gnome Angel sew-along.  Three blocks this week:

Block 39 – Grandma.   This block was a little tricky as the pattern is not obvious especially when paper-piecing it.  “Thank goodness I marked the colours on the templates.”   Some of my fellow sew-alongers have changed the layout to make it more symmetrical but I am happy with it.  Just make sure you mark the templates before you start so you know which fabric goes where.
Farmer's Wife Block 39 - Grandma (paper-pieced)

Block 79 - Patience.  I am surprised this block wasn’t one of the very early blocks as it is really a simple (very simple) nine-patch.  I had this one made weeks ago.
Farmer's Wife Block 79 - Patience (patched)

And finally ....  Block 80 - Patricia.  Yet again a very simple block that can be patched easily.  It is based on the same nine-patch grid but with half-square-triangle corners. 
Farmer's Wife Block 80 - Patricia (patched)

So there it is, another week and another five blocks.  They are soon mounting up and I have started to sash them.    
Sash-as-you-go (SAYG) - always a good idea for me.
Until next time ..................


  1. More beautiful blocks Amanda and I love how the quilt is looking so far.... fabulous! Have a lovely week! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christine. You have a lovely week as well. xxxx

  2. I have been wondering what the finished quilt would look like. It looks fabulous.

  3. Such pretty and happy blocks!!!!! I love your fabrics against the white background!
    Your quilt is going to be amazingly beautiful!