Sunday 15 November 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 17, 18, 2, and 76

Farmer's Wife 1930s Block 18 - Carol

This week’s blocks for the Very Kerry Berry are:

Block 17 – Bride.  I was unsure about the red check but the response on Instagram has convinced me.  The paper-piecing was pretty straight forward and worked out perfectly.  My journal notes in the book read “Hate those little triangles but it turned out lovely”.
Block 17 - Bride

Block 18 – Carol.  I paper-pieced this block using green and blue scraps for the half-square triangles.  “Very lovely, very pretty”. 
Block 18 - Carol 

For the Gnome Angel sew-along there were three blocks this week:

Block 2 – Aimee.  This was week 1’s patched block for the Very Kerry Berry sew-along so another easy start to the week.  It was a tricky block to patch using the templates and I think I prefer paper-piecing tricky blocks.
Block 2 - Aimee

Block 76 – Nancy.  I paper-pieced this block in two fabrics I wouldn’t normally put together.  Notes read “Okay block” – but that is referring to the construction. The finished look is one I love and this has become a favourite block of mine. 
Block 76 - Nancy - pretty in prints

If you want to see over 50 of the blocks I have made so far you can find them all on my Farmer’s Wife page.  They are also on my Farmer’s Wife Pinterest board.

So until next time...................


  1. Wow! 50 blocks already!! These are a gorgeous bunch! The fabrics are so pretty. I think that Carol is my favorite block out of these!