Friday 30 October 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 13, 14, 41 and 45

This weeks blocks for the Very Kerry Berry sew along are two that I have already made for the Gnome Angel sew-along ......

Block 13 – Belle.  English paper-pieced. 
Block 13 - Belle

Block 14 – Betty.  Patched. 
Block 14 - Betty

For the Gnome Angel sew-along we added another two blocks.  First up was Block 41 – Granny.  I paper-pieced this block and took a very quick shortcut.  
Block 41 - Granny
Here is how I simplified the paper-piecing construction ..... (note:  you will need the templates from the Farmer's Wife 1930s book – the diagrams shown here are for illustration purposes only and are not to scale).

Print out the eight paper-piecing templates that are on the CD that came with the book and cut out each one. Stick the templates together (A to H, C to B, D to E and F to G) to create four corner units that should look like this:
Join the templates to create four corner units.
(Do not print this diagram - it is not to scale or size.  Use the templates that come with the book)
Next you need to draw a line that runs from the corner of the square up to the diagonal as shown by the dotted line below. 
Draw a line from the corner to the diagonal.
(This diagram is not to scale or size.  Use the templates that come with the book)

Then it is a case of simply paper-piecing each corner unit in the following sequence.  Sections 2 and 3 are the same fabric whilst square 1 is a contrasting fabric (see the book for details).
Paper-piece the block in the order given - just two seams.
Use the templates that come with the book - this diagram is not to scale or size.

I have marked the four sections on my photo below so that you can see how it goes together.   

The other block was Block 45 – Jenny.  I patched this block using quick corners. You can find a tutorial over at She Quilts a Lot showing how.
Block 45 - Jenny
It was a simple make and I posted a photo to my Instagram feed.  People were too polite to mention that I had stitched a corner the wrong way round but once I spotted it I was able to just spin the corner.
Block 45 - Naughty Jenny - see that top right-hand corner!
I have set up a page for all my Farmer’s Wife 1930 blocks (see tab above) and will be adding to this collection every week.  Alternatively you could head on over to my Farmer’s Wife Pinterest board.

Until next time...... 

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  1. I like your Granny method, mine was such a struggle!