Saturday 24 October 2015

Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Blocks 11, 12, 49, 78 and 94

Block 78 - Old Maid  

Another week and more Farmer's Wife blocks.  The blocks for the Very Kerry Berry sew-along were .... 

Block 11 – Bea.  Paper-pieced.  My notes in the book read: “Went together well.  Only just 6½ .”
Farmer's Wife Block 11 - Bea 

Block 12 – Becky.  Patched.  “Easy, very easy.  Great stash buster.”
Farmer's Wife Block 12 - Becky  

For the Gnome Angel sew-along there were three blocks this week:

Block 49 – Katherine.  I patched this block using quick corner triangles.  “Very easy patchwork.  Pretty Block.”
Farmer's Wife Block 49 - Katherine

Block 78 – Old Maid.  Initially I attempted to make this block using the templates provided on the CD.  However, due to the bias diagonal cuts I lost my points so I reverted back to the tried-and-tested paper-piecing.  I noted that it was important to “leave papers on when stitching sections or you will lose your points.”  So I did and it turned out lovely.
Farmer's Wife Block78 - Old Maid 

Block 94 – Susannah.  Like block 49 this was patched using those versatile quick corner triangles and a little bit of strip patchwork.  Nice easy strip patchwork.”
Farmer's Wife Block 94 - Susanna

If you want to see all my Farmer’s Wife blocks in one place then head over to my Farmer’s Wife Pinterest board or click on the Farmer's Wife 1930s tab at the top of the page.

Until next time...... 


  1. Amanda your blocks are all beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished quilt top!! Christine x

    1. Thank you Christine - hope you are in for a wait - lots more sewing to do first.

  2. You and all of your block ladies are making me very very happy this morning, as I sip my hot tea and look at these pretty things!!!

    1. Eye candy should only be taken with tea and biscuits Amy - so pop open the cookie jar and tuck in.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Jackie. I hope they all play together well in the final quilt.