Monday 30 April 2012

Zakka Pencil Case - Week 5

The Zakka Style Sew Along for this week was a fabric pencil case.  But I am at that age where I need reading glasses more than I need pencils so I adjusted the pattern slightly and made it into a padded glasses case.  This project was very quick - it only took one hour to make from start to finish and, as you can see, I have continued with the country style: 
In fact this project was so quick I am thinking of making one to co-ordinate with my bedroom decor (turquoise) and another for my desk at work.  This country check case I will use for the reading glasses that I keep in the lounge.

I altered the instructions by making the case shorter by 3/4" and I replaced the fusible interfacing with lightweight wadding to provide added protection for the glasses.   The finished size is 6" x 2.5" - plenty of room for my reading specs.   I loved the way the project came together so quickly.  The only thing I would do differently next time is to leave a larger gap for turning the item inside out after stitching - I only left 1" and it was extremely difficult. 

I am currently finishing off two Zakka sewing kits from last week for a friend and my sister - one in a jade colourway and the other in autumn hues.   I will post pictures once they are finished.

The quilting group on Wednesday was a great success - a lovely set of quilters with so much skill.  I shall be going back every other Wednesday.  I wasn't really sure what to take so I took my design book and worked on a pattern for a summer table topper/runner.  I may create a PDF pattern for it once I see how well it goes together but at the moment I am loving the fabrics and the patchwork.  I will post a picture of my progress another day.


  1. You and I have opted to make the case into a spec case - wish I had popped some wadding in....

  2. This one is so pretty! Can't wait to see the new sewing kits next. All of these variations are so creative and inspiring.

  3. i love how cushy yours looks with the wadding!