Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Zakka pin cushion - My first 'Sew Along' and my first blog!

I thought I would join in the fun and create some useful household items (known as Zakka). I am two weeks late to the party but decided to jump on board with the Zakka Style Sew Along for week 3. It just so happens that this is the perfect little project to join with - a pincushion that looks like a cushion! This project took me just 30 minutes to construct using scraps and oddments from my 'scrappy' box. I am so pleased with the result.  It is also lovely to be part of the online group.  The Zakka Style Sew Along group are welcoming, friendly and encouraging.  Plus there is the opportunity to win some lovely prizes. Check it out by clicking on the SewAlong button below.

So after just one hour of joining this group I have made myself a cool pincushion, learned how to post a photo of it on Flickr and made some online buddies.  Join me next week to find out how I get on with the week 4 project.

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  1. I agree the Zakka Sew-Along is a great activity and it is very encouraging to be involved with. Nice to have you blog about it too. Cheers, Fiona
    PS Blogging can be highly addictive!