Sunday 22 April 2012

Zakka House Pouch - Zakka Sew Along In Reverse Order

I joined the Zakka Sew Along two weeks too late and missed the first two items (week 1 was a lovely tote bag and week 2 was a little zippered pouch).  Both items look lovely so this afternoon I moved backwards through a sew-along, and completed Week 2 at the end of Week 3!!  Here is the finished zippered house pouch.

This was quite a challenge for me - although I have been quilting and appliqueing for several years I have never made a purse or bag with a lining.  I have also never inserted a zipper or attempted machine applique.  I have always hand appliqued with a rustic blanket stitch as shown on this canvas of mine:

The Zakka Sew Along house pouch has been a good project to attempt these three new skills.  It is small enough that a mistake is not too devastating, tricky enough to be a challenge and quick enough that a spare afternoon is all that is needed.  I am feeling pleased with myself - I love the little pouch.  I don't know what I will put in it yet but I can't help but smile when I look at it. 

So I've completed Week 3 followed by Week 2 on the Zakka Sew Along.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 4 - a handy travel sewing organiser. 

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  1. I love this blogg. And what is the sheep picture? It's so cute but not sure if it's practical or decorative.