Monday 23 April 2012

Zakka Sewing Kit - Week 4

Wow, this is an excellent SAL (stitching speak for Sew Along).  The finished item is really lovely and very handy.   It measures 7" x 5" when closed which is large enough for all the travel supplies but not too big to pop into my handbag.
As you can see it is a travel kit with its own little pincushion.  I made two deviations from the pattern - firstly I used an elasticated loop instead of leather ties and secondly, on the front I appliqued two small hearts and added a patchwork strip whereas the book used a stamp.
(The linen is actually natural beige, as per the first photo in this blog but for some reason it shows as grey in most of the photos.)

I love to reuse and recycle and the elasticated loop is from a fastening on a posh box of choccies I received at Christmas.  I popped the elastic away for a rainy day and as it is absolutely pouring here today I thought 'why not?'  Hey presto - perfect.  Also the little strip on the front is from a wall quilt I am working on at present - it was only 1.5 inches wide so I halved it lengthwise and top-stitched it in place.  Red and lime green are my favourites colours this year and the strip has both.  Talking of which,  I spent the most time deciding whether to go for a country red style or a modern lime green ensemble.  After endless cups of tea and the odd muffin I went with the red country.  Here is the dilemma I was faced with - do you think I made the right choice?

I am checking out a quilting group this Wednesday evening - for the first time.  First is a word I have used a lot since starting the Zakka Sew Along - it inspired me to post my first blog here, join my first Sew Along, make my first lined, zippered pouch (see Zakka Sew Along in Reverse Order at the side) .... and now I hope to join my first quilting group.


  1. I think you definately made the best choice of colours and materials to make this lovely handy sewing kit. The hearts and strip on the front make a nice finshing touch. excellent. Hope you enjoy your first quilting group.

  2. I've seen the sewing kit for real and it's even lovier than the picture. Colours work really well.