Friday, 4 May 2012

Gifts for others

I have completed the two Zakka sewing kits that I made for gifts.  The left-hand kit is for my sister and the right-hand kit is for a friend. 

The Zakka Sew Along uses linen in all their makes.  I have to say I think I prefer cotton.  I am used to patchwork and quilting and I find I cannot get the crispness with linen that I can with cotton.   Having said that some people have used linen and their items look crisp and are good enough to sell (check out Eamylove blog and her Etsy shop).  I just cannot seem to get that look.  As we go along (we are only on week 5 out of 24) I will try all cotton and see how it works out.

As for my gifts, I made a mistake with my sister's kit - can you spot it?  Yes, the toggle button is on the front.  This is because, when I stitched it all together, I had fixed the elasticated loop to the wrong edge.  I know my sister though and she wont mind at all.  Things I've learnt about this project - leave the opening for the turn-through along the middle top edge of lining and not on the edge of one of the side pockets as detailed in the pattern.  It is easier to get a neat hand stitched edge that way. 

This Monday the Zakka SAL focuses on mini quilt magnets so I'm off to find some magnetic sheet so I am ready.  Until then .....


  1. How sweet of you to praise my linen projects! My approach is just to steam the living daylights out of the linen! Also, I usually fuse some lightweight interfacing to the back of the linen.

    You new sewing kits are both so pretty! I know they will be used with love. My own sister gave me something similar for my birthday, and it always reminds me of her as I use it. I really love the flower appliques...each is unique and beautiful!

  2. Love all your projects! You do lovely work :)