Monday 21 May 2012

Mini Block Quilt - Zakka Week 8

Week 8 in the Zakka Style sew along is a wonderfully, simple block quilt designed by Leslie Good.   It is another design in the Zakka Style book of projects (compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale) that oozes Japanese elegance.  Just one teensy, weensy problem from my perspective - it is lap quilt size and I really don't need another lap quilt!  You see, I have just finished one - I was given a new sewing machine for Christmas and I made a lap quilt as a way of getting used to the machine.  So, what to do this Zakka Monday?  I want to make every item in this wonderful little book but I also want them to be useful and practical.  There is only one thing for it - I will make the item fit my needs. 

After last weeks mug rug - which was my first ever mug rug I might add - I decided to resize the lap quilt to make a placemat (alternatively it could be used as a doll's quilt).   This was relatively easy due to the simple block design.  I reduced the original pattern down from 45" x 61" to 8" x 11".  Click here for cutting and size measurements if you fancy having a go.  It is a great way to use that ever growing supply of scraps.

As you can see from the picture, not all my squares ended up evenly sized but I still love the look.  I am also still practising my freestyle machine quilting - will I ever get the hang of it??  But this little beauty is on my small table at present with the fruit basket placed on top.  Perfect. 

Michelle from I Like Orange has made the full size quilt in a wonderful denim look fabric with vibrant prints.   It is stunning.  She has also provided lots of links for newbie quilters - and I must agree with her - this is a perfect first quilt project. 

Aside from Zakka Monday, I have been working on a journal protector for a friend at work.  The front of her journal is decorated with jewels and gems and she keeps the journal in her bag wrapped in a tea-towel for protection.  Well I thought I could come up with something a little bit better so I made a simple square with velcro tabs which folds over her journal.

It is reversible; one side is a lovely Parisian print and the other a green check.  She particularly wanted something that is easy to open and close as she often writes little sayings or thoughts down in it.  I hope this does the job otherwise it is back to the tea towel!!

I am also designing a mug rug to swap with another Zakkarist from the United States.  I am using colours and fabrics that I don't normally use whilst at the same time trying to make it unique.  I love the designing aspect and putting patterns and colours together and this mug rug swap is just so much fun.  I can see this getting addictive just like those little Zakka magnets!!  So much fabric and so little time - choices, choices, choices!!


  1. Your mini-quilt is very cute. I've been wondering if I will have time to finish the lap quilt in this week. I'm going to try, but I do like a smaller option as well.

  2. Think reducing the quilt to a mini was an excellent idea.